It won't let me post in the Purse Thread... but I have to ask...

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  1. I'm currently searching for a decent sized tote bag to use when I spend the night/weekends at my friends' places. I need something I can fit some clothes and my hair dryer and products into. I've searched the mall but I haven't found anything really satisfactory. Does anyone have an idea of a good one and where I can go to buy it? I don't want to spend a whole lot of money because it will get pretty beat up in my trunk... but any ideas?! Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  2. What kind of material were you looking for in the tote bag? Canvas, leather, Nylon?....and what is the minimum/maximum you want to spend?
  3. Maybe try a cabas piano or mezzo? They're not cheap, but are worth it. LV helps up so great.
  4. I don't think I could possibly buy a LV to toss in my trunk every weekend. It would seriously get destroyed. I'm open to what material (Canvas, Nylon, whatever) and the price... well... anything under $300 should do it. When I mean this will get beat up in my trunk... I really mean it. Lol!
  5. I'll definately check 'em out! thanks! :biggrin:
  6. Here is a Christian Dior small travel bag I found on bluefly for $220.
    Here is an YSL for $620
    Here is a Prada for $730
    Here is another Prada for $540
    All of these bags were found at
    if you are interested.
  7. I'd stick with a canvas or nylong bag then... Let me see if I can find anything!
  8. A few more suggestions ...

    2nd pic is from, the rest are from ... you guessed it ...ebags. :biggrin: The Moonsus costs $255 (on ebags now, you can get 10% off - special offer), JP Ourse Tote cat $112-50 (for now), Diane Von Furstenberg Lizard on the Go Boarding Bag $89-99 (now) and Ricardo Beverly Hills Serengeti Travel Tote $31.49.
  9. Thank you all soooo much for helping me out. SO many different choices! I keep looking them all over and I can't decide!
  10. Your kidding right? This is a fake LV. You can't get LV for less than retail. Don't buy a fake. This bag retails for $1030. Stick with something within your budget and authentic if you don't want to spend the retail price for the LV.