It wasn't too late!! ~ my ottone pouch (with pinkish purple undertone, it is)!!

  1. I got it!!:yahoo: Thank you so much everyone for your sweet help here!!

    It is so adorable that I can't put it down at all!!! Love love love the mesmerising colour, the feel, the size, the magnet flap, the weave, the way it fits in my hand, and even the fact that it is not perfectly shaped.:nuts:

    OK, the pics (by iPhone camera).

    with natural light

    with white(incandescent) light

    with indirect natural light

    and with natural and white light

    2008-1-12 clutch natural.jpg 2008-1-12 clutch white.jpg 2008-1-12 clutch natural2.jpg 2008-1-12 clutch natural+white.jpg
  2. yaaaaay!! these are so great, such a great purchase and fun thing to own.


    thanks for the pictures too, it's always such a treat when people post pictures :love:
  3. Gorgeous gorgeous... love ottone... cOngrats!!
  4. Soooo pretty!!
  5. Very pretty with the color variations! Enjoy it.
  6. I love it! It is simply beeeaaauuutttiifffuulll!!!!
  7. How lovely! I sure would love to see ottone IRL - in any of its variations!!
  8. wow that is just stunning! :love::heart::love:
  9. Lovely bag--enjoy!!!
  10. congratulations Mid-, it makes a wonderful (early) birthday present :yahoo:
  11. So pretty...
  12. i love how it seems to change colour in different lighting. beautiful, mid-!
  13. Score!! Isn't that pink/gold combination lovely to look at? I find myself pulling my wallet out just to look at it. I've been regretting not getting this exact flap bag back when it first came out. Now I'll have to make do drooling over your pics!
  14. So pretty :girlsigh:
    Congratulation for the great find..
  15. You did it Mid- :yahoo: What a pretty choice! Love it!