It was one of those days......

  1. ....when you feel like a Mackeral that's been gutted, breaded and ready for the frier. It's never a pretty picture, I can tell you. BUT, instead of wallowing in self pity I decided to play with all my scarves (found some detail in my "Descoupages" that I'd never seen before and something psychedelic happens with those Triplets if you look close enough) which lead to re-arranging my armoire where I house most of my Hermes stuff. Then I got off on a tangent and took out all my bags and that lead to a complete closet purge which left the bedroom looking like a department store bargain basement.

    Thing is......though the closet is all back in order (finally), I can't put my scarves in their new drawer home until I find those Hermes Drawer Liners and my store in completely out of stock as is almost everywhere I called.

    Any idea where these babies are hiding????

    God knows I can't use any old drawer liners...........:s
  2. My store has them D. How fast do you need them?
  4. it was those brownies CB got.........................
  5. it's been a long time since i;ve known where to get those brownies.

    pity, that.

  6. LOL....yum....brownies.......such an unfortunate name, though........
  7. i love unfortunate names. i want to go to bangkok (sp????) just so i can say it all the time before my trip. i also want to create a salmon recipe with a dill dough crust, and hope people ask me about it at dinner.
  8. like Phuket.
  9. or "heart attack" in German.
  10. LMFAO, DQ...... omg......
  11. double post....
  12. Whoa! I think our Purse Blog has been at the brownies !!!!
  13. or "kiwi"'s where babies come from.......
  14. 'splain please!

  15. Ok, heartattack - Herzinfarkt - "hearts f*#ked".