It was my lucky day!

  1. So I have been wanting to add a classic mono speedy 30 to my collection... today I went to Saks to buy it and a mono cles. I stopped by a cosmetics counter to buy some mascara first. The SA tells me 'oh, our computers are down so we aren't charging sales tax today'. My response was 'I am on my way to LV next so I hope the case is the same there'. Which it was! I bought my speedy and a mono cles and NO TAX! Yea! Instant gratification (not having to wait for eLux to deliver) and no tax! I almost bought a riveting pochette, too! :yes:
  2. wow that is a great deal!!!! Congrats on your goodies.
  3. Wow... super good news.

  4. aww a lucky day indeed for ya :smile: congrats!
  5. :nuts: Super great deal! Congrats on your new bag too!
  6. Congrats on your goodies
  7. lucky!!~
  8. Lucky day for you! I would've get that pegase and tobago off my wish list if my local Saks is not charging tax :yes:
  9. How lucky! Congrats!
  10. wow, that's fantastic ~ congrats and enjoy!!
  11. You're so lucky! How much did you save?? ;D
  12. Tax free at LV? Wowie, I would have gone on a tremendous shopping spree. Congratz you lucky gal!
  13. A lucky day for you! Post pics!
  14. congrats :smile:
  15. congrats!!! i love saving w/ no tax... and now, elux is offering a free shipping code, so i'm even more tempted to order something!!!