It was meant to be....

  1. I purchased the Emily bowler in plum several weeks ago (after Thanksgiving I believe) and was having guilt about buying another MJ bag. I returned her and there she sat at Off 5th for one week, two weeks, three weeks...ok you get the picture? I stopped by once a week to visit her and see if she was still there and week by week she was.

    I told DH about this and he said the next time they had a 30% off coupon I could go get her if she was still there. Well, two weeks ago they had the coupon and I went and got her. I am so happy that she didn't go to any other home. Enjoy!
  2. Wow - Lucky you (that it was still there) That color is gorgeous!! I have that bag in Oatmeal. Isn't it the lightest weight bag?!

    (if you don't mind my asking -- what did you end up paying for her??)

  3. That's a gorgeous color! Congrats on the deal! I'm a black Emily mommy -- hooray for Emilys! :yahoo: Any other Emily mommies here?
  4. ^^^It was $560 total with taxes and all.
  5. Beautiful bag and great deal! It was definitely meant to be... Congrats! I wanna be an Emily mommy...:girlsigh:
  6. I LOVE that Plum color! You're so right about it being meant to be. She waited patiently for Mommy to come back and get her! :love:
  7. A sad story with a happy ending!! She found a mommy!!
  8. lucky you!!
  9. That color is gorgeous. Congrats!
  10. that bag is gorgeous! i've never seen that before. beautiful!
  11. What a colour! Great!
  12. wow! what a pretty color! i love mj colors.
  13. gorgeous color! congrats.
  14. Very nice!!! was really meant to be :yahoo:
  15. Very nice! Love the color! Congrats!