it was love at first site!

  1. I thought my decision for a new bag was made up. I thought I wanted a new Balenciaga blue india twiggy, until I walked into Chanel yesterday. I fell in love with a bag. This bag was a gift from the fashion God's. I picked up the bag and modeled it on my shoulder, and a beam of light opened and the song of Halleluiah chimed in. I've never felt this way about a bag, so I knew I HAD to have it.

    I wasn't able to buy it because I was short on bag funds yesterday. I don't know the name of the bag though. It was a deerskin metallic black large tote. The price was $1995. It's on Chanel's site, but in denim. I told my husband that I was willing to give up every bag I own for that. He called my bluff and handed me his credit card :nuts:....but said I can't buy it until next week.
  2. Sounds gorgeous!! It sounds like you have found the perfect bag :smile:
  3. I wish I knew what bag you are describing. I have the deerskin bowler in black (a slight metallic sheen) from the Luxury collection and it is seriously gorgeous. There is a north/south tote for $2285 and a box shaped tote (with a lock) for about $2225.

    I will never look at or consider another Balenciaga bag again after discovering Chanel!
  4. Balenciaga who???

    Welcome to Chanel and years of fun!!
  5. Haha ... that's a good one.

    I know what you mean, CHANEL's always on my no. 1 list.
  6. Now, now... there are some of us who have difficulty remaining faithful :shame: , and there's always room for Bbags! (everyone should have a black City in their collection!)

    But your Chanel sounds lovely - I'm not sure which one you're describing, so I'm looking forward to the pics!
  7. LOL Tweetie. I sold my one and only B Bag - a black City - to fund my very first Chanel purchase. It was a hard sale to make I admit because I shared your thoughts that everyone should have a black City. But one that's being used. :smile: Mine never went out to play.
  8. Yay for you!! Which Chanel boutique did you find it in?
  9. the same bag that I'm dying for is on Chanel's website, but it's denim. The SA just worked for Saks and not Chanel, so she had no idea the name of the bag. I found the lovely at the Sake Fifth Chanel in Cincinnatti

  10. Cool..the reason I ask is that I am from Lexington and I have to drive hours to find good shopping. I go to that Saks all the time!:smile:
  11. I'm from that area, and live in Virginia now, but when I'm in town, I go there too.
  12. Yeah, KY shopping sucks. There are no good stores within a 100 miles. If I have any serious shopping to do, I always go to Cinci.
  13. Is this the bag but maybe just a bit bigger?
  14. That's it!!!!! It might be larger, but I can't tell size in that picture.
  15. Mine is about 12 x 12 and it's flat. The tag said it was the small size. It was $1795 in June. Maybe the one you are hoping to get is about 14 x 14 which would account for the price difference. ??????
    I have to say that it is an awesome bag and I love mine!!!! You have awesome taste, LOL!