It was like living a nightmare....

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  1. I just got back from handbag hell.

    I was just sitting at home (baking cookies:biggrin:) and a co-worker calls me to tell me she's at my neighbor's house and she's having a purse party and wants me to come over. I try to say no, yuck! but she kept insisting I come. So I walk over with legacy hippie on body( I love that bag) and go in.

    What do I see? Tons fake Coach bags, fake sabrinas with disgusting flimsy material, tattersall sabrinas and signature bags with signature lining. I was so glad I didn't bring my sabrina, she would have been ashamed;) I should have taken pictures, but the woman who owns the house kept grabbing my arm and trying to sell me "bags". I picked a few up and they are just horrible quality. It really makes me appreciate my purses.

    I always told myself I would never go to one of these, but I was curious and as a bonus I picked up the guy's "business card". His business name is Designer Faux. Anyone else been to one of these out of curiosity?
  2. Nope, I've never been. I don't think I am polite enough to go without speaking my mind about how awful the fakes are. :P
  3. I've never even been invited to one :shrugs:

  4. Yikes.

    I've never heard of that before and never been to one.

  5. I wasn't actually invited by the hostess, but a friend of hers.
    They know better than to invite me! I wish I would of had the guts to tell the guy off.
  6. I've never been invited to one either. I guess they aren't as popular around here? I did see a fake Coach for sale at a yard sale a few years ago; the woman holding the yard sale told me she got it at a purse party (which I had never heard of at the time).
  7. My dear friend went to one and she showed me her fake carly bag. She was not proud of it and was embarrased to show me. It was $45! A couple weeks later, she told me the handle broke. What a waste of $45 and I felt bad for her. Is this a valid business?
  8. I've heard of them. A friend invited me to one and I told her they were all cheap fakes that would fall apart. And that if she went to the outlet she could get the real thing for not much more. I don't think she ended up going to the party.

    My love of Coach actually started with a fake bag. I realized what crap it was and was mortified that I ever bought it. It is LONG gone and after researching the real thing I found TPF and well...the rest is history. LOL
  9. Never been to one but have seen enough of fakes in my local Chinatown :lol: I swear I want to jab my eyes everytime I see them if I go there to have lunch with my co-workers.
  10. I've been invited to a few purse parties but politely declined. I do not like to judge others so its there business what they do with their money. I would rather save my money and get a real one by just spending a few more bucks.
  11. Yep - once... I had no idea what a purse party was then and was disgusted at the crappy fakes they were selling -- this was ages ago when Kate Spades were very hot and I had one of my Sam bags on my shoulder and they had all of those poorly made god-awful prints on these fake KS Sam bags ... .never again!
  12. if they were true fakes and not just designer inspired i would have called the local police for a purse-break-down!
  13. I didn't mean it in a bad way, I just have never been invited to one but then again I don't know anyone that hosts purse parties, Tupperware, Mari Kay or any "selling this" party for that matter. Now that I think about it, I have only been invited to a "Toy" party :shame:

    Ps. Did anyone ask where you got your hippie? I remember a member went to a purse party and they asked her "What table did you find yours?" :s
  14. ^No one asked me about my bag. Leather bags are not really recognized where I live because so many people carry mostly fake signatures bags. And I didn't think you meant it in a bad way:biggrin:

    Bunny-I know they are fakes, but I wonder if the police would do anything about it. What do you think?
  15. You should definitely either take the card to your local store so they can report him or go on the Coach website and do it. Purse parties are completely illegal and Coach is really cracking down on knock off suppliers.