It was horrific!

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  1. I just had the WORST drive home! Traffic was so bad, it took me over 30 minutes to just drive a mile. To make things worse, there was a brake happy soccer mom in front of me. I looked away for just second, and BOOM she slammed on her brakes, so I had to hit mine which then sent my Epi Sac Plat and my Large Coke flying!!

    The Sac Plat and pop both landed on the floor of my car, everything spilled out of the bag and pop was all over my leather interior. I looked down at the bag in horror. Of course McDonald's doesn't hand out napkins anymore with pop so I had absolutely nothing to wipe my seats down. I pulled over into a parking lot and inspected my bag, luckily only a few drops landed on it! Thank God. I quickly wiped those down with a napkin I found in my glovebox. I looked every millimeter of the bag over, checking for pop spots or any damage. Luckily there wasn't much. My car seat was a whole other story. It was drenched in pop!
  2. That sucked! It happens to me ALL THE TIME!!
  3. Oh my! Your bag narrowly escaped a bad drenching..thank goodness! And thankfully you were safe :biggrin:
  4. Wow what an event...thank goodness nothing happened to you or your bag!
  5. I hate those kinda days! Thank goodness the bag was saved. Hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow. :smile:
  6. sac plat is a pretty bag - glad all is well
  7. Thank goodness your both alrite... Don't you just hate those brake happy people.... I guess clutch control is too difficult for some people!! Get you seats valeted it will be fine! If only they had valeting services for our bags!
  8. Situations like that suck! Glad your bag isn't ruined, sorry to hear about your car seat.

    I guess you could also be thankful you didn't have a vachetta bag with you today :smile:
  9. Ugh, I hate drivers like that. I constantly find myself stuck behind people who brake quite unnecessarily every three seconds. Something similar happened to me with coffee (though not with an LV) and now I try not to drive with anything other than a bottle with a screw cap in my cup holder.

    Glad your bag is okay, and I'm sure you'll be able to have your seats cleaned. Such a hassle though.
  10. Thanks everyone! Wild child, you made me laugh! I already said to myself, well good thing the bag doesn't have vachetta!
  11. Thank goodness your bag was OK! Wheew, that was close.

    I heard a great tip about how to keep your handbag from being thrown from the seat to the floor if you have to slam on your breaks....if driving alone, you can put your passenger seat belt through the handles/strap and secure it! It works great, I need to do it more often :P
  12. Thanks girlsinstilettos, that's not a bad idea!
  13. Thank Goodness that the Sac Plat was ok !!

    I hate drivers like that too, but since I'm still a newbie driver. I can't really complains much because there are these times that I kinda too slow about making decisions at that pisses people off as well. Aw, really wants to get better :sad:
  14. So glad your Sac Plat is ok! For a second there I thought it was in trouble. Gotta hate drivers like that.
  15. Uh oh.. sorry about your bad day! Try a Seatbelt, for your bag that is.. heh.. granted in that situation it would have been drenched in pop, so the LV 'guardians' were watching out for ya and threw your bag flying out of the mess. Oh look I just found a silver lining, whats a few drops of pop compared to being soaked? I have rules for my car, no pop or juice, just water (because I have children and cream coloured leather seats in my car) also because of my children I have travel 'wet ones' wipes in my cars glove compartment/console.. wipes get out every stain imaginable including mustard, and yet they're gentle enough for your hands! dont rub just blot?