It was Choo destiny!


Will work for bags!
Feb 13, 2008
Land of potatoes...
My friend and I live in a state where the only designer handbags sold in the stores are Coach and Dooney, so we decided we would each get a new bag when we were in CA this past weekend.

We each budgeted for a mid-range bag, but after 4 hours at the mall I didn't find anything I wanted. My friend saw several things she liked, but nothing that stood out. Except she kept going back to the Jimmy Choo store! She fell in love with Choo bags and decided she wanted a Riki or Ramona in black. She just about convinced herself she should stretch her budget and get one, but decided to think about it for a day. I wanted a Choo bag too, but I knew there was no way my budget was going to stretch that much!!

On the way out we decided to stop at Nordstrom Rack since it was just across the street. I always hear stories about great finds there, but I've never found anything too spectacular the few times I've been. Since it was late on a Saturday afternoon, I didn't have high expectations.

We walked in and there were a few Coach bags, and racks and racks of lower-priced bags such as Steve Madden and B Makowsky. I was getting ready to walk out when I heard my friend calling me. She was standing at a rack and had her hand on two bags. As I got closer, she said "here are our bags -- it's like they have our names on them!" There, in the middle of a bunch of junk, were two Jimmy Choo bags!! There was a Riki in crushed black patent for her, and a Malena in shades of green that I had seen only once before and completely loved. And they were marked down to $619 each!! Completely within our budget! :yahoo:

We took that as a sign and bought them on the spot....


Jimmy ChooAholic
Oct 24, 2006
:yahoo:Congratulations :woohoo:

Welcome to the wonderful world of :choochoo:

I will be in CA next week, so I will have to go check this out. My Nordies Rack never has any Choo Bags :crybaby: