It Was Cheap, But It Made Me Happy ?

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  1. I bought a bunch of black and white shirt's by The GapBody recently. They're so comfortable and versatile.

    What recent purchase have you made lately that was cheap, but, made you happy. ?
  2. [​IMG]

    this ring from Target.
  3. I bought a new travel mug, one that closes completely and tightly, so I don't have to carry it upright. It also keeps my coffee hot for several hours (I'm still sipping on the coffee I brewed over 3 hours ago and it's still comfortably hot). My BF liked it so much I bought him one, too! Only $20 from
    And, not sure if it counts as a purchase, per se, but a couple weeks ago BF and I went to dinner at one of my favorite local joints, Ethiopian Diamond (or, "the Diamond," as I like to call it :P). The food is inexpensive, the servers are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and I always leave totally satisfied :love:. It's always worth so much more than what I pay. Now I think maybe I'll get some carryout for dinner tonight! :biggrin:
  4. I bought a bunch of cute boy-cut underwear from American comfy! :smile:
  5. I love that! :heart:

    Hmm... cheap and happy. I'd have to say the $8 bottle of wine I bought on Friday :amuse:
  6. My favorite purchases are always handmade soap from fellow soapmakers! Usually $4-$8 a bar and I love them so much!
  7. Well i didnt by it , my daughter got it for me its a heart with my nickname , i think it cost like 15 bucks , But i think it cute
  8. a bunch of cheap, long tanktops. 2 for $25 (CDN)
  9. Gap jeans on sale .... $19.99 a pair ... can't beat that ... lol
  10. I got a really nice summer dress for just $20 bucks! Just perfect for my up coming trips!
  11. I went to Marshall Fields last week. I found a navy blue silk blend blouse with matching scarf and a pair of navy velour pants by Ralph Lauren 80% off. I bought them both and wore them yesterday to my mother's house for dinner. They looked great.
  12. Long plain tees for layering from Target $8.99 and the best deal I have gotten in a while True Religion Joey Big-T for $52 normally $260 from Marshall Fields:smile:
  13. Claires earrings: 3 for $15.00. I need cheap earrings because I always lose one.
  14. I bought 4 cotton tanks at Old Navy - they were only $8 each. They fit great and are so comfy!
  15. Ditto. :yes:
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