It Was All Just A Bad Dream!

  1. I had a dream last night. I went to an Auction House where they were auctioning Fendi Spy Bags. There were lots of Spys in all colors on a turntable like the ones you see on those jewerly shows going in circles. The Auctioneer said if you saw one you liked you could look at it before the auction started. I picked one up off the turntable that I liked (I cant remember what color) and was looking at it. As soon as I opened the bag to look inside a lit cigarette I had in my mouth ( I dont even smoke) dropped inside the bag (it had the tan lining). The Auctioneer ran over and said welll young lady you just bought yourself a Spy Bag. We will just have to figure out a price, not being very nice. Then I woke up and realized it was all just a bad dream. I dont know why I had such a dream I thought it was weird. I have had dreams about getting bags before but this one seemed strange. Have you ever had weird dreams about bags that you can remember? If so please share them so I dont feel so stupid!
  2. Ok I guess I really feel stupid now. No Comments? It was just a dream LOL
  3. LOL!!!!!! Don't worry about it, this subforum hasn't been very active lately. I haven't had any weird dreams like that but I do dream about *having* the bags I want...and why is the leather always sooo dreamy in the..dream (wow I really need more vocab..). Thanks for sharing the dream! Maybe we could keep this thread for posting any dream related to Fendi. I know I should have some but I can't remember anything now. I'll try not to forget next time:smile:
  4. I never had a dream about a particular bag but have had restless nights dreaming of handbags after being on TPF for hours!