It was a rainy day in Georgia...

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  1. I had a couple of charge holds up at Dawsonville and figured a rainy Sunday would be as good a day as any to go and pick up the girls... While I was there (as to be expected) some blasted bags latched onto me like beautiful, well-crafted leeches... they simply would not be denied!!!

    Like any good addict, I must blame someone, so i blame (drum roll, please!!) aelloneluvslv2 for revealing her gorgeous shimmering bag and for letting us know that Dawsonville got more stuff in!!!


    Wanna see 'em? :graucho:
  2. im here...just got back from orlando
  3. oh yeah - I am in total awe of your shopping expertise!
  4. Oh yeah! Is there ever any doubt that we'd all love another johnnie reveal? :yahoo: I'm so excited you're having another reveal-- it's like when one of my favorite authors comes out with a new book.
  5. Woohoo! A live one!
  6. I'm here for a few minutes and can't wait to see what you got.
  7. oh... my cousin asked me to share her bags with y'all since she has modeled a couple of items for me before... so, first up, here are tiffany's new bags

    she has been collecting the khaki mini sig luggage since the 20% off started... she figured she was done when everything sold out and the coupon ended... but low and behold!! she found this cute toiletry bag perched on a high shelf and snagged her for $34.99!!!

  8. she had been craving this line since full price and lucked up and got this pouch for the low low price of $35 as well!!

  9. cool!'double reveal'! more....
  10. I am a little late, but here now!
  11. ...and now, my soggy day saga begins

    i'm a lover of sweet treats, so when i saw this little brownie, i HAD to have her!!

  12. i'm easily fascinated by shiny objects and this is certainly no exception!!!


    (i almost missed her, perched on a high shelf... i think they hide things up there... just for me!)
  13. oooh, beautiful...
  14. i know what you mean about this beauty...saw her irl,she was gorgeous...:biggrin:
  15. i don't know where this dark angel came from but she swooped right into my arms as though she always belonged there... i almost had to wrestle her from a wicked woman at the register... i tried distracting the woman with the cutie in pink and blue but she only had eyes for my black beauty!!! never fear, she came home where she belonged!!