It was a good week...

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  1. wow, super purchases!!....:lol: and I thought I was bad :ninja:.. wear them well
  2. WOWZa~ what a great week! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. fmd - what city did you visit to find all these fabulous shoes?
    I came back to drool some more.
  4. Oh wow...GORGEOUS!! love the cute seersucker ones.
  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments. Your enabling eases the pain of the statements.:sweatdrop:

    Sure - we just have to follow all of the rules posted in wantmore's "how are you neurotic about your CLs thread"..

    One of my SA called me and told me that he had found a pair in a backroom. Thinks maybe it was a return recently. I almost passed out when he told me.

    - Mine too Asha. Hey - is your camera broken again - I KNOW you haven't been good the past week. Where are your pics?:confused1:

    Thanks. I got the glitter's online at NM. I just happened to randomly check last Thur morning and they had my size!

    Kam - unfortunately it wasn't NY - love that city for shopping. I was in Chicago and the weather was miserable. Fortunately, I had some luck in the triple threat (Barneys, Saks, and NM). I was also really bad in handbags - bought two python bags and a Bal Bag. Some of these posts are catalog orders. The saddest part - there is more to come.....:love:
  6. ^ LOL, mannnn! You must be making alot of $$$ for all that damage :roflmfao: I'm in love with those jaws and seersuckers are sooo 4th of July, doncha think? :lol: My SA was trying to get me to buy them and I was telling him I'm so bad with white shoes I have to pass up on them! He loves them! Such a cutie! I love your shoes especially those pythons.. I'm a sucker for python too lol.. ah exotics :drool:

    Show more of your stash -- those bags you mentioned! :graucho:
  7. WOW:nuts: FMD you certainly hit the jackpot with all of those gorgeous shoes!

    I can't wait to see what's still to come.
  8. Oh I want to see these bags too! Please post them here.

    Javaboo - there are still a few pairs of the white python jaws at Saks in ny. I saw them yesterday, they are so pretty IRL.
  9. Javaboo - if you're looking for the 35 cream/black Jaws I think Saks NY might still have it; as of three days ago the 35 was the display pair and on the undersole sticker it was marked "Last Pair" that's the last pair in their system. I wish the red ones were still available but those seem to be long gone now.
  10. holy crap, that is like 6 months worth of paychecks for me LOL

    Gorgeous haul!
  11. OMG what a great haul! I am just lurking in here lately as I burned my foot badly a few weeks ago and can't wear anything that even shows the top of my foot!
  12. Oh my goodness all of them are GORGEOUS!!!!!! WOW what a great week!! I'm :drool: especially over the jaws!!! I need to hunt them down now!
  13. WOW - congrats on all of them!! I am in love with the seersuckers....oh my, gorgeous!!
  14. Thanks ladies for clues! Do you guys know if it fits true to size?
  15. how do the privatitas run?

    are they comfy?
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