It was a good week...

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  1. Was out of town last week and the combo of being in a city with so many CLs and all of the sales the stores were running last week made for a really BAD week.


    Black Melisandre Boots


    Black Suede Numero Prive


    Blue Python Privatita


    Impulse buy - Pink Glitter Numero Prive

    and more to come....:rolleyes:
  2. I am drooling! You had a great week! Did you hit a jackpot somewhere???
  3. Not Done yet...

    I have been stalking my SA for these next 2 since January...poor guy couldn't wait to send them to me so I would stop calling...


    Red SeerSucker


    Blue Seer Sucker

    And these were a HG that I didn't even bother to look for b/c I never thought I would find them....I :yahoo: when I found these last week.....:nuts:
  4. Thump.....
  5. Oh my Loubs! What a week! :love::girlsigh:
  6. OMG!!!!! What a week indeed!!!! you have the best collection and the greatest taste! so impressed by everything! wow! i should have taken advantage of the sales too. i tried with my BG SA today but no dice. LOL.
  7. WOW... They're awesome! Congratulations! :nuts:
  8. cjy - I wish. I'll be feeling the pain when the cc statements arrive so I decided I would create a thread here to feel the love while I can!!!!

    Thanks guys!!! hlfinn - don't worry - you will rack up later. I keep telling myself to not buy another pair b/c the May/June sales are just around the corner, but I am so obsessed!!!! I still have like 4-5 more pairs on the way. I so need to stay off tpf - just when I think I'm done, there is just one more pair that I NEED. :sweatdrop:
  9. oh i bought a pair today. lol. the most spency pair i ever bought. but i could NOT resist. but yes, the sales. wait for the sales. we MUST WAIT for the sales! lol.

    4-5 more pairs? holy #@$% no way! which?
  10. Oh my goodness--what a haul! I can't help but imagine how exciting it must be to bring home ALL THOSE BOXES! :yahoo: How do you decide which ones to wear first? WOW!

  11. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! It's like the shopping scene out of Pretty Woman! LOL
  12. fabulous!!
  13. WOW what an amazing week!!!!
    Wear them all well!
  14. {{SWOON}} Nice work lady! Where on earth did you find the pink glitter pumps I have been looking everyhwere for them!!!
  15. What a week indeed! All of your shoes are great! Enjoy!
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