It was a good week...Part 2

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  1. Here is the remainder of my purchases from my big splurge last week. I know I am supposed to be on a ban, but InCircle and Triple Points are next week....guess I can always sell blood. :shame:

    First up my "black python privatitas...yeah Fashion Poison I must have gotten the same Saks CS rep. As you can see they are patent..."


    Black Sequin Decolletes - Fell hard for these!!!!:P
  2. I wanted the Red Patent Simple 100 (oo-let -me -see - I fell in love with yours) so these were a substitute, but I am surprised how much I like them -

    Red Patent Simple 70

    My "Red Python Privatitas" - Yeah they are the Red Glitter Patent - Gotta talk to those Saks Reps..;)
  3. The next two are two of my HGs!!!!! I can't believe how many of us found HGs last week!





  4. Oh my!!! Those are all so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I can't even pick a favorite!
  5. And finally I mentioned that I bought two great exotic bags during the NM Handbag event and some asked to see posts...not CLs but...goes great with a lot of my CLs!!!:rolleyes:





    I wish I could say I am done, but like I said, pre-sell has started for next week. :girlsigh:
  6. Beautiful, fmd! :love: :heart: them all! Congrats on those HGs... ::wlae:
  7. omg!!! i have to peel myself off the floor! wow!!!

    ok so the tortoise is my absolute fave!! but i love them all. esp the red simples (who knew i would say that! lol)

    and the bags are stunning too! the last one is gucci right? the horsebit hobo?
  8. You didn't have a good week, you had a GREAT week! Those are all fabulous!
  9. ugh i am positively :drool: here! SO beautiful! esp the tortoise :girlsigh:
  10. omg !! wow my jaw is somewhere on the floor
  11. Beautiful loot there, fmd! I love the black sequin decolletes...and of course the red simples! they're sooo comfy!
  12. Gorgeous! The privatitas are on my list as well.
  13. I am beginning to develop a thing for the black patent Privatitas - I might have to have them :graucho: (after the ban of course :angel:). How did you find the sizing?
  14. beautiful shoes!!!! i love ALL of them.