It was a good day!

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  1. Hi girls!!

    So, today was a very good day! I wrote a few days ago about how I was mad that my mother wouldn't take my Target gift cards in return for cash because I was going to buy COACH and not something I really needed, like clothes. But a wonderful member here on TPF offered to help me out and in return for my cards sent me the Tortoise Keyfob!! He's lovely and I can't stop staring at him!!

    This was before I got my PCE card. So of course after I got said card, I went and ordered myself the Small Sig Ergo in black that I had been lusting over. Bad move, but whatever...I needed a new black bag. I'm indefinitely on ban now because I have no idea where I'm gonna find the money to pay for all my crap. Obsessed much?

    I'm wondering though...for those of you who have an Ergo, it says it has fabric lining. Can anybody tell me what color the fabric is? The one on the inside of my Carly is purple so I'm curious as to what color it is in the Ergo and I'm too impatient to wait and find out for myself. :p

    Pictures will be up later in the week of my two new goodies!
  2. COngrats!! The new Chelsea line is SOOOOO AWESOME!!
    Did you get the Black on Black Sig Hobo or the Black/White Sig? SOooooooo pretty & cute!!!
    Have fun! Post pics when it comes in!
  3. I was really torn between the Chelsea and the Ergo but I opted for the Ergo instead (black on black)...I wanted something that had a different strap and bag shape because I have trouble with my shoulders and even my Carly demi hurts sometimes. The Chelsea strap and bag resembled my Carly and the Ergo is just so delicious looking so I went for that instead :heart:
  4. That is GREAT! I bet you will LOVE it! Can't wait to see pictures when you get it in!!! Are you gonna add Mr. Turtle to your Ergo?! :yes:
  5. You know, I was thinking about that. He'd definitely look striking against the black. I currently have him on my keyring with my car keys and gym membership but it looks very crowded. Maybe I'll try him out on there and see how he looks.
  6. I'm glad everything worked out--- that was so sweet of whoever it was! A ditto to the pics when it comes in! Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. My white ergo has camel colored lining. I'm betting your black sig has black lining. Congrats on the new purse!