It was a COLOURFUL day!


Oct 26, 2008
True North Strong & Free!
The weather here today is gloomy but I bought some colourful things to brighten up my day...

I was in LV a couple weeks back to buy a Fascinante in noir and saw the new mono scarves. One colour jumped out at me and I haven't stopped thinking about it since so I decided to go in today to buy it.
I decided to bring my 6 y/o mono sarah wallet in to get re-glazed and to pick up a new mono wallet to fill the gap while my sarah was away being fixed.
A few months back I bought a zippy organizer in mon mono (yellow & ivory) & a pomme zippy so I knew I like the zippy style. I had decided to get just a plain mono zippy organizer to use when I wanted to rest my mon mono one.
For some reason none of the wallets were jumping out at me so I bought my scarf & checked my sarah in for repair and told my lovely SA I would go think about the wallet and be back.
I went to Starbucks and logged onto tPF to search through the wallet clubhouse & different wallet threads and found a zippy wallet he hadn't shown me. So I went back to LV and asked to see the Clemence wallet with yellow interior. Perfect to use when I didn't want to use my large mon mono wallet but still had the same pop of yellow interior. He also showed me the Clemence with orange interior and left me to decide.
How is a girl supposed to choose, so I got BOTH! Both are bright and cheery - I couldn't be expected to decide between the two, right?

First my beautiful green scarf - the colour doesn't do it justice, it's a lovely emerald green:



Oct 4, 2009
congrats! I love the wallets and scarf. I am trying to get the clemence this weekend. I want the fuchsia and it seems to be evading me! fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
Deep In The Heart of TX
Now that's what I call some lovely colors! That green scarf is TDF! Green is a very flattering color on me. Uh oh... :sweatdrop:

I think it's wonderful that you got both Clemence wallets! That's just great! Both colors are gorgeous. I think you made the right decision because they're both so beautiful, you'll get good use out of them both.

Big congrats on all of your fabulous colorful haul! :sunshine: