It took everything I had to leave that bag...

  1. Fellow tPFers, please tell me I did the right thing today. I passed up a Michael Kors $300 leather bag that had been marked down to $65. I have just bought almost a $1,000 worth of handbags and accessories from the Nordie's sale. And I know it was only $65, but I put myself on a ban and I want to stick to it.

    But I'm still feeling bad about leaving it! Please help me feel better. :crybaby:
  2. You did the right thing...! You've begun sticking to your ban and have lots of other things to show for your last hurrah, besides. :smile:
  4. Or even sold it for profit! :sad: But I admire you for sticking to your ban.

    If it was meant to be, you would have bought it so no worries. ;)
  5. I think sometimes I buy stuff because it's a great bargain, and not really because I love it. I tell myself I can use it as a backup bag, (or shoes or whatever) KWIM? But it usually ends up sitting in the closet. So if you were not totally in love with that bag, then you did the right thing.
  6. Yeah that's along the lines of what I told myself. It was a brown leather bag, I already have a brown leather bag (Coach). I wasn't totally in love with it, I just feel bad for walking away from a great deal I guess.
  7. Answer the following questions:

    1. Does that bag sing to you? I mean, do you really, really love it?
    2. Think about coordinating your current waldrobe with the bag. Do you have another bag that can do the job just as well?
    3. Did you want to buy it MAINLY because of the deep discount?

    If you love the bag dearly and if it can fill a void that no other bags of yours can, then you should have got the bag for the low price. On the other hand, if you are not entirely in love with the bag, or if you have other bags that are similar in style and color, then you did the right thing of not buying it. Of course, do not ever buy a bag just because it is deeply discounted.

    By not buying items that are excess and not truely loved, you can still have discipline in your spending without passing up opportunities. More importantly, you will feel good about your decisions and not wonder.
  8. I totally agree Florasun! If it wasn't a bag you already wanted, you were probably just interested because of the deal! You wouldn't have used it! STOP thinking about it, forget about it! ;)
    When your ban is over, you'll find something even better! :p
  9. Prices can be very alluring! Kudos to you for controlling yourself :}
  10. You did the right thing! It'll just make the first purchase after the lifted ban that much sweeter!! :tup:
  11. Just keep telling yourself that if you stick to your ban now, you'll be able to buy all kinds of wonderful things after. There will always be another great deal or another special purse. Congrats on your will power.
  12. You did the right thing, you already have a brown bag and you weren't totally in love with it. You saved 65 $ for a bag you'll love more!
  13. Yes, you definitely did the right thing. Believe me, I know it's hard to pass up a crazy deal, but if you're not in LOVE, it's not worth it. Pat yourself on the back! :smile:
  14. Thanks all! I'm feeling much better about it today! You all made very good, valid points. Now the trouble is just going to be trying to remember them the next time I see an awesome deal lol
  15. As my DH loves to say: "It's only a good deal if it was something you needed or were going to buy anyway."