It took a year...but it's happened.

  1. I am a total Hermes girl. I have no interest in purchasing a bag from any other brand.
    I will keep most of my Chanels that I have from the past (definitely my reissues) but I have no feelings at all to buy any more Chanels. I've sold all my balenciagas and am probably going to sell my last two LVs...
    I resisted as long as I could....
  2., I realize this is a totally useless thread but felt that the first step for me was to admit the addiction in a public forum. :smile:
  3. LOL!!!!!!!

    I will have to wait and see if I come to that crossroads...for right now I am a universal bag lover and want anything pretty :shame:
  4. Well, how about that! I remember when I first met you - you were a die-hard Chanel fan. Now, you are orange through and through. Boy, this is some addiction we have, isn't it? :p All I can say is good for you, girlfriend! :yes:
  5. I'm with you RC. I used to buy every IT bag out there but now, I'm only drooling over and buying Hermes and keeping my existing Chanels.
  6. LMAO!!!!!!!

    Well, join the club, Baby! I've got ONE LV Speedy and ONE Chanel Reissue left and that's it! I'm not even interested in anything else!!!!!

    Good for you, RC. Only the best................
  7. Why oh why did this die hard Chanel fan go out to lunch with Minnie, Poth, NS and Rose that day??? You have forever changed my destiny!
  8. Way to go RC!!! Like you and happy4ever, I don't buy anything else, and am moving beyond the It bags. I just took my last batch of non-Hermes and Chanel to the consignment yesterday afternoon. I'm not even buying Chanel, just don't want to give them up, but the LVs, miu miu's, balenciaga -- gone!!! I only carried them for a short period of time and got tired of them or saw too many fakes and that was a BIG turn off.
  9. Don't worry, you're not the only one!!!! I've also sold all my Balenciagas, I have 3 LV (which I NEVER use) and a croc Prada bag that I bought 10 years ago, which I like. I've stoped buying other brands, b/c I've realized that after 6 months, I'm sick of them and want to move on....I've been very tempted, this A/W season, by a YSL bag which I still think is lovely, but I haven't bought it, and won't. It's taken me a long time, but I've finaly accepted the fact that the only bags I NEVER get sick of are H......
  10. LOL...I am backsliding...
  11. I actually feel better finally admitting it! I truly tried to fight it...I don't know why I tried to fight it, but I did!
  12. SAME. Although it took me a few years to get here. I crossed over on December 26, 2007.

    There was a thread last week where someone was looking for "grab and go" bag suggestions, and many people offered up non-H grab and go options (LV, Balenciaga, Chanel etc.). Reading that thread made me realize how far gone I am because I cannot fathom spending a penny on anything but H!!
  13. YAY!!!!

    I have been an H girl at heart, ever since I was young (7), but have had to buy things in my price range until I am able to achieve my dreams - I think right now I am trying to be careful and not go crazy buying every It bag. I would like to have a small collection of Chanel and LV classics, and then bring out the big guns with the Hermes (finally), LOL! When that day comes, my 7 year old self will be VERY HAPPY with me!
  14. I can definitely relate to that RC
    my :heart: for H just started late last year when I bought my very first H bag,
    then it was followed by another one, and another one...
    and now I am beginning to feel the same way :shame:

    do you think it's time we set up a/an Hermes Anonymous (HA)? :lol:
  15. ^^^that is the thread that woke me up to the fact that I had changed too. I, too, voted Hermes!