It took a fake to completely convert him!

  1. Check this out. I went to my BF's nephew's birthday party today and when we arrived I noticed that one of the guests had a fake speedy 25. It was placed on the ground. Anyway...she kept staring at me and my speedy and had made a comment about me putting it on its own chair. She was totalling giving me the evil eye. Kind of like this
    -> :shocked: :rolleyes:

    Then my BF comes up to me and says, "That girl over there has a fake Speedy."

    I was so proud of him. :yahoo: Then he started telling his brother all the reasons why that girls purse was fake.

    On the way home he said that he's glad I buy authentic purses and he would never give me sh:censor: t about buying another Louis V purse again. He even said that I could buy our dog the collar and leash for Christmas.
  2. how cute. lol.
  3. Lovely story, it looks like you have him converted now:lol:
    I'm lucky too as Dh doesn't like fakes and reckons you should buy the real bag or not all, doesn't mean he is overly thrilled with my continual need for new LV though.
  4. I have a feeling that once I purchase a couple more he'll be right there w/your DH.:Push:
  5. What a cute story! I love the collar and leash for the dogs.
  6. that's great now i need an opportunity like that to come up to convince hubby of that same conclusion
  7. This is such a cute situation!! I'm glad he's converted. :yes:
  8. he's a keeper
  9. Congrats on the conversion! I am sure you are psyched!!!
  10. I know I never could spot fake LV before, but now that I am around here I notice the fakes more and more. Amazingly, I can notice them from a distance and I am slightly nearsighted. Once you have a trained eye, it becomes more and more obvious.
  11. It's awesome when DHs or BFs can point out fakes! :yahoo:

    That girl was probably mad that someone showed up with a real bag - otherwise she would have had the only LV in the room. Most "regular" people (read "not us PFers") don't know anything about real or fake LVs. I bet she was totally embarassed inside! :roflmfao:

    Moral of the story: It may take some time, but eventually someone will be able to tell it's a fake! :lol:
  12. oh my! yer bf ROCKS!!!! he's awesome!!!!!!!!! lol Congrats girl!
  13. Now my BF wants to borrow my Keepall when he goes to Florida next month. He also wants his wallet heat stamped!:nuts:
  14. Aww, what a cute story!:flowers::girlsigh:
  15. oh, my bf doesn't support fakes too. we're working in art field and he appreciate design and art copyright :P