It took 17 days to break my new years resolution.....

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  1. Today I was up early, I had to pick a package from Fedex and then go into town...........this is what I came back with.......
    100_0848.jpg 100_0849.jpg 100_0827.jpg 100_0828.jpg
  2. Ok so in the Fedex box there were two small items :smile:
  3. So much for that resolution!! Can't wait to see your goodies!
  4. :dothewave:
  5. You did very well for uh... 17 days!

    Now let's enjoy a gigantic H splurge!!
  6. Twillys Confettis D'Ex-Libris I dont have the actual colourways the tags were not attached
    100_0851.jpg 100_0852.jpg
  7. Then we have Twilly Brides De Gala Framboise/Rose/Marron Glace.
    100_0831.jpg 100_0832.jpg
  8. I just had to get these, it would have been silly not to LOL!
    100_0833.jpg 100_0834.jpg 100_0835.jpg
  9. Kepp 'em comin'!
  10. Wow!!! A nice bright collection to remind me of better weather. Thanks for sharing the cheery colors:tup:
  11. I clapped eyes on this in the display and it was mine, learnt my lesson from before, not making that mistake again!

    Ulysse PM Soleil with diary insert.
    100_0836.jpg 100_0837.jpg 100_0838.jpg 100_0839.jpg 100_0840.jpg
  12. Then we have a pochette Astrologie in Rose Pale/Jaune Pale/Blanc
    100_0841.jpg 100_0843.jpg
  13. Love this and noticed they have it on the UK site now
  14. Next up pochette Passementerie in Blanc/Violine/Jaune D'or
  15. I think 17 days shows alot of restraint:rolleyes: