IT Systems Analyst interview and reference question

  1. I have a 30 minute phone interview tomorrow for a Systems Analyst in backup and recovery position. For those of you in the IT field, or any one really, what are some of the questions he may ask me? Technical and personal?

    I've been with my current company for 15 years, which is one of the main things they like, so I'm definitely nervous with regards to the interview process (its been awhile :lol:).

    Also, who should I include as references? Considering I've been with my current job so long I don't really have any prior job references. Two of my family members work in the same IT field I do so I have them but who else?

    Thank you all for your help!!
  2. Most likely they will ask some generalized questions regarding recovery times and dealing with customers/colleagues. Also, they will ask about what types of tasks you did in your last position and how you dealt with specific issues, and how you improved any processes.
    They may also ask some very specific technical questions regarding the operating systems and and any proprietary software they use.

    As for references, I find them overrated. I hire based on the interview, and never call references, cause really who gives a bad reference.
  3. The first interview is typically a screening interview to walk through your resume and ask about your skills. The interviewer may ask why you are looking for another job, may ask your salary expectations and may ask about your availability. Typically, the request for reference names and contact information occurs at the time of a job offer, and not during the first interview.

    As for references the company will want to talk with your supervisor(s) and perhaps a co-worker or customer. I do NOT recommend using family members as references UNLESS you work directly with them AND if you or the family member does NOT say you're related. To me, that would invalidate the reference since of course family is going to help each other out, KWIM?

    Does your current employer know you're looking for a new job? If not, tell the prospective company this and let them know that you will be able to give reference contact information for those at your current employer if you receive a job offer and you have had time to speak with your references first. Companies face this situation ALL THE TIME and they understand.

    Good luck with your interview!!
  4. With 15 years in assuming you've been building into some sort of retirement program, one of the key questions might be "Why are you looking to change companies?"
  5. A 30 minute phone interview is usually just a screening tool to see if they'll want to bring you in for an in-person interview. So besides why are you looking for a new position, most questions are going to be about your skills/experience and whether it fits their needs. The interviewer will also want to see how you relate to him/her.

    As for references, the previous suggestion is right. Don't include family members unless you've worked considerably with them. Ideally, you'll have a previous supervisor, a collaborator and a customer (whether in-company or outside).
  6. Thank you for all your help.
    This was my 2nd phone interview and it went well. He just asked me if I worked on certain things to get my experience level. He's going to talk to his boss but more than likely I'll be brought in for a face to face interview with 7 workers there! Id also have to take the wonderlic test (creating a new thread on that :lol:)

    Thanks again!