It Stinks !!!!

  1. Its obvious that we all have a favourite perfumes. How about the ones we have, that we thought we would like, but it stinks !!!

    I have a bottle of Imari, Ralph Lauren woman and Aroma Tonic by Lancome !!!

    How about you ?
  2. i hate clinique happy, but i've got about a thousand little sample bottles of it!
  3. I absolutely hate Creeds - Love in White
  4. oh my god, i loathe Happy too. it's just awful
  5. Clinique Happy and Jennifer Lopez' Still (something like that)...
  6. :sick: Anna Sui perfume! It makes me feel queazy.
  7. I have a bottle of Paris Hilton (forgot the name). It stinks.:sick:

  8. I forgot to add that one. Dam it :censor: reeeeks !!! I use it in the bathrooms as a air freshener. :shame:
  9. For some reason, I have a really bad reaction to all Chanel perfumes. I keep thinking to myself that maybe it's an acquired smell, but I just don't seem to like any of them.
  10. I'm not into Chanel either or Happy. I don't like JLo either.
  11. my mom wore chanel no. 5 for a long time, but one day it starting making her want to vomit for some reason! so maybe there's an issue with their perfumes, lol.
  12. My Mom, sister, and I have a bottle of Charlie that we've been wrapping up every few years and passing around as a gag gift to each other at Christmas. I think it started out as a "real" present to my Mom from her mother-in-law over two decades ago. She, of course, was very polite and thanked her for the gift at the time, but I do believe it appeared in my Christmas stocking a few years later. You should have seen the look on my sister-in-law's face when we included her in the joke one year. Priceless!

    The only problem is that now we can't always tell when a perfume gift is "real" or meant as a joke! I still have a bottle from my sister-in-law that I hide at the back of my cabinet. She has such a dry sense of humor that I truly have no idea if it was meant as a joke or not. Regardless -- it STINKS!
  13. That's hilarious :roflmfao:
  14. I don't buy perfume, the only one I have is Bulgari Crystalline and I've used it once.

    But I have lots of perfume that I don't like. Chanel No. 5, Hermes Merveilles (sp?), JLo, Britney Spears, JPG (the ones for women).
  15. Loved Stella McCartney on my friend but not on me! Now it's sitting on my dresser collecting dust.