It seems Vuitton owners are very well educated....

  1. spanish and english...and trying to learn french and italian...
  2. Polish. I guess I'm totally cool here, haha
  3. Equally (non-)fluent Norwegian and English. I guess norwegian is my mother tongue, but I've always spoken english as well, so it comes as natural to me as norwegian.
  4. I speak Tagalog, Ilocano (Pilipino dialect) and Canadian English. I just started my French Beginner Class.
  5. German and French is almost nonexistant (but enough to shop in Paris :graucho:)
  6. yeah... Rather exotic here :amuse:
  7. both english and tagalog.
  8. Mine is German but as I am working in London I hope my English is not too bad.
  9. I speak English (from Australia) and I am interested to know why american's say they speak american english. Is that your way of claiming the language?(joke)
  10. english
  11. Norwegian :smile:
  12. I speak English as a mother tongue, but I'd like to live in a foreign country when I'm older, and I am determined that my children will be billingual lol!!!
  13. I was born Korean but I dunno how to speak it, but my mother language is swedish but nowdays I only speak english since I live in Canada. Swedish with family and friends.
  14. Plain ol' English(American) I wish I knew spanish. It's hard to be around my husbands family when we go visit. They barely speak an ounce of english. I feel so left out.
  15. Me too! piggy pig latin..

    oink sevol siuoL NottiuV oinkety oink:nuts: