It seems the season for triple reveals

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  1. Couldn't help myself. One (or three) last buys before going to hide on ban island for the rest of the year. In my defence I needed something to go with my new Chanel and new to me K. And by a strange coincidence, nothing I had quite worked (honest!)

    Please chain me down if you see me even think of buying any more Chanel this year!

    Here's a teaser.

  2. I am very intrigued.....can't wait to see & congratulations!!! 🌟✨🌟✨🌟
  3. And without further ado




  4. Hehe. I'm not able to do long reveals. Get super excited and jump the gun!
  5. I love your new shoes, they are lovely!!! [emoji171]
  6. ooooh congrats!
    Loving the purple ballet flats in particular!
  7. Fab shoes! Love the purple esp too!
  8. Lovely shoes, congrats!
  9. The purple is giving me life :smile: Wear it in good health.. Congrats!

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  10. Congrats! Beautiful haul
  11. These are all amazing!!! What beautiful colors! You have great style Ketaki! 😊 Just lovely!
  12. Love all of your shoes! I was interested in the loafers too...Are they comfy? Congrats & Enjoy!!!

  13. Thank you :smile: I had a really tough time deciding between this burgundy and purple!


  14. Thank you :smile: That's my colour fix for the summer. It's already nearly summer here in Dubai!
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