It seems like everytime I check out the Koobas on Ebay, there are 20 more!

  1. Anyone else notice this?

  2. Yes Shewolfy......we have to stop looking...
    BTW your Sienna MA is up to $415...
  3. Oh my goodness!! Now I want to go watch. I wonder if it's someone from here bidding.

  4. Shewolfy...while we/re passing the time waiting for the MA auction to end...we can check this out if it's real it's a fab price and nice color paige
  5. I saw that. The seller has another shiny Kooba for the same price. It looks authentic and I think that it's supposed to be khaki. Great price. Don't tempt me!!! You bad bad enabler. :smile: I am like a second from snapping it up out of compulsion!
  6. Do we have no life or what???? :smile:

  7. Me too....but then I'd have to sell my dog! LOL LOL LOL:roflmfao:
  8. Definitely noticed this! There is a decided ebb and flow to the number of Koobas listed on eBay. I usually expect it to peak after a sample sale but this is actually a bit past the sale.

    Maybe those who held off due to slow summer sales are breaking out the goods now....

    Whatever the case, all I can say is ....Oy. My wallet doesn't need this! :drool:
  9. Nor mine, LOL
  10. I say roll out those bags!!! The more that are listed the better. It's good to have competition and choice.

  11. But Minimouse how are we going to pay????Is there such thing as a Kooba Visa card?:wtf:
  12. How about hubby's credit card?
  13. I just keep selling more to fuel my paypal account!!
  14. Well, I'll buy Tank, your dog - that'll buy you a few more bags. He is GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing the photos.
  15. Thank you! I was just going to ask if you got them!! He is laying next to me right now at my feet snoring and passing gas!! Nasty creature!!!:heart: