It"s Here!!!!

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  1. My Magenta Mia came in the mail today!!! :wlae:
    Just thought I would share a few pics.. oh she is soo pretty and the leather is just to die for!!! Very roomy, yet not heavy and soo comfortable!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
    Now I just need a wallet that kinda' matches ;)

  2. congrats on the mia, its gorgeous. i love the color soo much. i t makes me want one now.
  3. Its beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful bag.....congrats!!
  5. welcome to the magenta mia family! :heart:
  6. [​IMG]
    (I stole photo from hautemomma) and may be at the outlets now.
  7. So Pretty! And it has a full zipper, I may have to join the mia club myself. :smile:
  8. quietly chants... do it! do it! do it!! :tup::tup:
  9. don't do another wallet with pink- it won't match and it will class (my chanel wallet is pink and it looks funky).

    i used my black legacy french framed with mine- but the white would look tdf!
  10. Thanks you guys!! I absolute love her.. it was a nice suprise to get it so quickly in the mail and before the long weekend. :smile: Thanks for the tip on that wallet.. I'll have to check it out.. I am giong to Cali next weekend and I will be at the outlets a few times ;)
  11. That's GORGEOUS. How much was she if you don't mind me asking?
  12. yeah, I think the pinks would be too hard to match.. I just bought my wallet but it is silver trim.. it will have to do for now.. but by next week..... :idea: now that's another story!!! :P
  13. do a wallet that compliments, not matches. :graucho:

  14. That's gorgeous. I might have to order one, depending on the price. Love it with the black wallet, Kallison.
  15. it's only $428 retail (they're still in jax), so way less with your discount, no? do it, sarah! :graucho: