it really annoys me when...

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  1. the sides of the tassels are white! What's up with that, Balenciaga? :push:

    what things annoy you with bbags?
  2. yellowing or fading colors really irk me. how can that be when you're paying so much for a bbag??
  3. I've seen that too, sometimes it also looks spotty...?
  4. It really annoys me when the leather texture is so uneven on the same bag, i.e. one part is wrinkley and one part of the leather is smooth. It seems like the craftsman could find similar leather to put on the same bag.
  5. I totally agree.. i hate the leather variation!!!... every piece of leather is different, the back the front and the bottom *_*
  6. it annoys me that not all the bags are buttery soft and smooshy.
    and when i don't have enough money to buy more LOL
  7. NW and kittyping, it also annoys me when the front and back of a bag have different type of leather! I've seen that on too many a bbag lately...
  8. That the leather always peels in the same place (by the buckle in the front) and that the corners look so grody (I can't believe I just busted out that word) after only a couple of months' worth of use...
    And that the handles look so yucky when they darken. Why can't they look pretty, like LV patina?
  9. what does grody mean? :confused1:

    and about the handles... I had an idea today! Has anyone ever tried using blotting paper on the handles? the kind of blotting paper there is for oily skin for example...
  10. He he's a word that was used mostly by young teenage girls about a decade or so ago. It means "yucky" or "gross".
    And it's a good idea, with the blotting paper. I just wonder if the oil might be too soaked in to remove? Since it's not on the surface anymore?
  11. ah, the days of being a teenager... :rochard:

    I don't know but it could be worth a try... As far as I know they don't have any chemicals in them so they can't damage the bag...
  12. I dont really think the blotting paper would really work for set in oil. Maybe if you wipe it down everyday after you use it it might help.
  13. oh well perhaps we have to learn to live with darkened handles...
  14. It really annoys me that the bags don't come with more extra tassels!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. it annoys me when the leather is TOO thing