It really annoys me to see...

  1. "I just got this bag as a gift" on eBay. I saw a fake looking LV damier messenger bag, he said he got it as a gift and he was selling it for like 250 BIN! He says "my grandma says it cost over $1200."
    It just really rubs me the wrong way that someone would sell his "grandma" to sell a fake bag.

    Do these people not know that they can return if they don't like it?

    I may be overreacting but it really bugs me. :tdown:
  2. ask for it to be authenticated under the LV authentication thread.....

    also, you can repost it as a fake on the bottom on the page......protect buyers:wlae::tpfrox:how are things in BC?
  3. I always think that if someone asked me to sell an item IRL for them I would refuse point blank unless and until I was informed about what I was buying and wonder if it is the virtual aspect that encourages all this possible embellishment and apparent ignorance of markets, counterfeits and profit!
  4. Any auction that says I rec'd as a gift, I stay away from. I don't know anyone personally that gives high end purses as gifts.
  5. Some do though, so I wouldn't say that's the biggest red flag ever, however if their previous auctions also had other high end 'gifts' then i'd definitely stay away.
  6. Yeah I know, and sometimes they just say it so they can't make any claims like, "I know it's real" or "this is fake" even when it is. "I got it as a gift" (especially when adding on some dumb thing like "from my wealthy grandmother/uncle/aunt") just sounds better to them I guess.
  7. If I was their relative, I'd be strangling the seller neck for using me as an excuse to sell fake bags.
  8. If a relative gave me an authentic high end bag I'm sure they would be :cursing: if I sold it!
  9. Apparently it sold w/ BIN even though I reported it. I just read a post of a TPFer whose listing got taken down even though her stuff is real. It just really p!$$es me off to see that fakers get to make money while the real deals get harrassed.

    Anyway, the worst I've seen was this guy who had several fake designer bags for sale. For prada bag, he said "Got this for my wife but she says she likes louis vuitton." For Louis Vuitton bag, he said "...but she says she wants Gucci," etc. Make up your mind, woman! lol. What a loser. Wonder if he even has a wife.
  10. Awww, I know what you mean about the fake rationales for selling counterfeit merchendise. I used to list items as gifts on eBay because they were legitimately gifts I didn't want (especially around the holidays) and now I don't even bother because I'm afraid someone will think I'm trying to rip them off. I wasn't listed LV as a gift, mostly clothing and maybe Coach items, but still! All completely legit in my case, of course, but sooo many bad sellers have started using that rationale.
  11. "I received this as a gift..." = total bs 99% of the time
  12. *attention, please read in a very sarcastic tone*

    I reallly wanna know where all of these people are finding friends to buy them authentic LV???? Jeeze, I can't get my friends to even buy me a drink at the local pub!!! :roflmfao:
  13. ^Haha same here!
    Reminds me of the time I was at this smoothie place with my friend and her boyfriend. She was going to use her debit card but the place didn't accept cards and she didn't have cash...and neither did her boyfriend. So guess who had to cough up the money for THEIR smoothies (I wasn't getting one)?? Me, of course.
    So SHE ended up paying me back later, and from her boyfriend, all I got was a "thanks, dude." :rolleyes:
  14. its just a way to say" I did not buy this fake" lol. I did got a fake coach bag as a present once, I posted here cause I had no idea if it was authentic or what, I was so embarrased and I gave it to someone else
  15. ^^ I think I read your thread. Gosh, that would have really sucked. I would have been so insulted!

    The whole "I got this as a gift" comment is irrelevant if the bag is authentic. You would have all the paperwork anyway, and now that LV has a record system on their computer, you would definitely be able to check the authenticity if you so desired.