It "pays" to be nice!!!

  1. So Bloomies had this confusing group of sales going on yesterday. It was both triple rewards and the "Hot" sale where individual items were 15-20% off (sweaters, cashmere, coats etc).

    I didn't know anything about the sales and just happened to be shopping for chocolate brown tops (my wardrobe is seriously lacking on this front and it is so my color). This over-attentive salesperson kept gathering my items to put in the dressing room, which I don't like too much because then I can't match tops to bottoms as easily. No big whoop, it was a slow day at the Short Hills Mall, so I let her have her fun. I start trying on my loot when she asks me if I have the "coupon book." I have no idea what she's talking about, so she explains how it will save me money. Ka-ching!!! Excellent! So upstairs I go to get one.

    When I return, I gather my clothes and my coupon book and head for the counter. This obviously perturbed woman was in front of my and the helpful SA was ringing her up. Well, the customer asked this weird question about "9%" which I don't understand either (turns out it's just triple rewards), and the conflict begins. The SA didn't answer all of her questions to her satisfaction, and the customer started in with the "how long have you worked here" questions. She just wouldn't stop! The SA was getting so flustered that she kept making mistakes ringing the items up. The customer was to get 15% off one sweater, 15% off one cashmere item and then she had a $25 gift card. The SA actually had to ring it up 3 times! The customer was all "working here 4 years, you should have figured out how to do this by now" and was badgering this SA like crazy.

    So b*tch ugly customer finally left and I swear the SA was shaking. I tried my best to calm her down, sending her as much positive karma that I could. I swear I had her laughing in no time! Anyway, she was so thankful that I was nice that she gave me 15% off ALL my 8 tops and sweaters, not just for one sweater. How great! Not only did she remind me in the first place that I needed coupons, but then she over-rode the rules to give me more. She saved me $160!!! Yay! :yahoo:

    Ladies, it really does "pay" to be a nice person!
  2. Strange that this has been moved to "wardrobe". It's not so much about the clothes, but the interaction with the SA. I wanted it to be a general discussion. :sad:
  3. WOW, that's a great that you were so nice to the SA after what happened to her.:flowers:
  4. Congrads!!!! Those customers are crazy, I once stayed in line for 30 minutes in the super market because someone wasnt getting 35 cents or something like that off with their coupon.
  5. ^^ If that was in NJ Minnie, you may have met my father LOL. Bloomies SAs are great for that reason, they have more room for thumb, giving you extra discounts and such. It's their job to maintain their own set of clients, and this is one excellent way to do so. See, there is such thing as karma!
  6. Aww! That was really sweet of her. Good for you, of course, for being such a nice person!
  7. Some people just need to find some pathetic way to feel beter about themselves. It's nice to hear you were so nice to her, and in return she was so nice to you!!
  8. I cannot stand customers like that. Idiots who think they rule the store but wouldnt be able to ring up jackshit if they were in the SA position. "how long have you been working here?", that question irks me to no end! the response should be "how long have you been shopping like a b!tch!" I hope that lady gets hit by a car!!

    I'm so glad you were there to comfort the SA and cheer her up, you definitely deserved the extra discounts!
  9. woo hoo! 160 extra savings??? I think that just makes your day! you lucky gal. keep being nice :smile:
  10. goes to show, "what goes around, comes around" :yes: and YAY for your savings!!
  11. I totally understand your point. 3 years ago just for being nice and smiling to the elderly SA at the counter of Lafayette in Paris she gave me a 20 euro discount in a brand new model of burberry hat. She said it was a gesture for being sweet and trying to speak in French. Imagine that i don't even speak the language and French people are considered very snobish...