It passed the test...

  1. Both physical and mental... what the heck am I talking about?

    I bought my first birkin yesterday, a 30cm black togo with GH, from a local reseller. I was really beating myself mentally whether I made the right decision, although I did love it when I laid eyes on it at the store. And of course, the price was higher than at Hermes (I can't say, otherwise I'll feel really guilty). But I got it, and I love it, and I don't forsee me buying another birkin for awhile.

    I didn't say anything yesterday on the threads b/c I was so nervous about seeing the bag that I paid a lot for.

    I took it out on a test run to ease my mind this morning on my errands, and it totally passed the weight test (was it going to be too heavy whilst shopping? it didn't get heavy) and the accessibility test (kept it open and was able to grab my wallet and keys very easily) and the 'can it fit all my essentials' test (which it did).

    i feel better now.... i love it. and the crazy thing is that i looked a little shlumpy today (hey's it's cold and i've got a 4month old) and carrying that bag made me feel awesome.

    so i guess paying a little extra was worth it. (i actually posted a thread yesterday wondering if black birkins with GH were easy to find.)

    it actually reminded me of my tod's d-bag, which i love for accessibility.
  2. Congrats!!!!! Would love to see your pics!!!!
  3. Congrats BH! I love the 30cm for its functionality, and black Togo with GH? A classic choice! SO happy for you! Can't wait to see pix!
  4. Congrats! I know that you will love it!!

    Post pics when you can ;)
  5. Congratulations!!!

    Birkins always pass the test lol! Okay, unless you stuff it to death then it's really heavy.
  6. congrats pics please!!!!
  7. CONGRATS on your BLACK BEAUTY!!! I love black birkins w/ GH!!! What a great combo!!!
  8. Oh congrats! I totally understand...the needing it and paying extra (been there done that lol!)....and then you discover if it makes you THIS's might not do it the same way again...but for this, it all worked out...congrats!! Sounds like a lovely bag - and the mother of a 4mo.!! You need to take good care of YOU!~
  9. Good for you, BabyHart!! Can't wait for pictures!!
  10. :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
  11. Good for you! A chic mommy carrying a fantastic purse... a lady for all to envy! Glad you are so happy with the color combo!
  12. Babyhart, I completely understand. I agonized for a few weeks about purchasing my Birkin (which I just did a few hours ago). I haven't even gotten it yet and I am thinking about the same things: will it be too heavy (it's Togo 35 CM); will I carry it everyday; will I love the color (Rouge H). I am supposed to get it on Thursday, so I will have to report back...but I totally empathize with you...
  13. Oh and please post pics!
  14. If it's a bag you've always wanted and will use it to death, it is worth every penny. Congrats on a fabulous find!
  15. Congratylations babyhart!!!!Please post pics of you modeling your Birkin :party: And Congrats to Ozzysmom as well! :drinks: