It Pained Me to Do It But...

  1. ...I returned Edie to Saks. I had to. The fact that it was missing the serial number tag really, really bothered me. I feel like when you spend that kind of money for a bag it should be perfect! I can't deal with imperfect bags! I also didn't want to deal with potential future customers' paranoia (that's if I EVER decided to sell it).

    It pained me because everything else about her was scrumptious!!! I really took care of her and she spent most of her days in her dustbag. I hope she goes to a loving home. :crybaby:

    Now I am on the hunt for a new whiskey Edith...with an interior serial tag!!!
  2. lordguinny - I totally understand! I had the same problem with a whiskey paddy. In the end, you know it will bother you. Don't worry, if you want, I'm sure you could get another one!
  3. Totally understand! But no worries, I am sure you will have no problem getting one now! IN fact, I think my NM was getting in a big shipment of them- call Lisa (248) 635-8442, hopefully she can find you the perfect bag! Keep us posted!!!
  4. Hold on - i've NEVER EVEN LOOKED INSIDE MY EDITH'S POCKETS - if you can believe right back...

    Okay, i'm back. I don't think either one of my ediths have a serial #!?

    My first: the whiskey was ordered from NM and was in the first wave of Edith's to hit the market.

    My second: the chocolate came a few months later (may?) -

  5. Thanks guys. You should have seen me while I was driving her to Saks. She looked so forlorn in her bag. I kept saying, "I'm sorry but I can't keep you without a serial tag. I hope you's not you, it's my own indiosyncracy". :sad:

    I think to avoid doing a lot of ordering and returning (in efforts to find a "perfect" Edith) I'm going to stick to choosing one sight seen. Or at least have an SA with excellent description skills.

    I feel bad too, because my SA in Naples will be so upset (I think they get hit on returns). :Push:

    Beauxgoris, I never looked inside my Edith either until I saw a post asking where one can locate it! I wish I never read that post!!!! Ignorance is bliss!
  6. So where should it be. Is it printed somewhere or under a leather flap? I don't get it?
  7. Oh, and BalenciagaLove, I ordered a Ferragamo Marisa from Neiman Marcus the other day. I attached a photo. I am going to get her soon. Isn't she fabulous?! It will be my first Ferragamo. I know you like them so I wanted to share the joy with a fellow Ferragamo lover. :love:

    I got the Magnolia (cream). But isn't the Berry one gor-ge-ous? The cream was $1250 but the Berry one is on sale for $910!
    ferra.jpg ferraside.jpg ferratop.jpg burberry.JPG
  8. Beaux, it should be on the interior pocket sewn on a side seam. The tab should be cream and there should be a six digit code, I believe. Like the paddingtons.

    I think like the photo below. Someone correct me if I am wrong (since I didn't have one in mine!!)
  9. I FOUND THEM - I FOUND THEM!!! PHEW. I love both of my scrumply babies so much, it would pain me to think that they weren't perfect!!!

    I guess I thought the # would be more obvious or something. Both of my tags say 02-06-53 <---does anyone know what that means?
  10. Beaux, I am SOOOOOO happy you found them!!!! :yahoo: Your bags are so beautiful. I was so devasted when I couldn't find mine. Everyone was telling me that it shouldn't matter but it did to me. :sad: I am not sure what the bag means but I think it might be that your bags were born on February (02) - of 2006 (06) for the 53, you got me! Does anyone know for sure?

    Question for you...what if they didn't have interior serial numbers? Would you have returned them?
  11. ^^No because they are perfect and I went through hell to get them ESPECIALLY THE WHISKEY - but I would be a little disappointed I have to say. Also I don't plan on selling them - but it would bother me that if I ever did for whatever reason that buyers would think my bag was a fake.

    Honestly i've had both of them in their dustbags the past couple of weeks (I scored my dream balenciaga bag this month) - but seeing them (and smelling them) again i'm startled at how beautiful they are.
    Note to self: use Edith tomorrow! :heart:
  12. Lordginny,

    Don't you dare buy that one that you borrowed the picture of the
    tag from. They are known to sell counterfeit bags. You don't
    always get what is pictured either. :shrugs:
  13. OMG do the Silverados have the numbers too?
  14. Hi chicbags, thanks for looking out for me! :shame: However, I am never buying from eBay again. No-sir-wee! Too much worry and heartache related to Ebay. It's purely department store purchases for me. Even legit websites make me nervous.

    I just used the photo of the tag cus it was the only thing I could find on Ebay for a bag I thought it was authentic. It looked good to me! See, Ebay is EVIL!!!! :yucky:
  15. ^^ I wanted to add LG - that one of the reasons I wouldn't return them is because i've had them for so long now. Had I noticed that they didn't have tags when I first received them, that might have been another story....
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