It only took me 3 and a half months!

  1. I bought my Pomme Koala Wallet way back on May 23rd and it was sitting in its box in my closet up until today!

    Here are some pics of what I put inside.

    First here is a comparison pic of my Coach Wallet that I was using before and my new LV wallet!

    Some pics of the inside:

    I plan on using that HMV gift card on Darren Hayes' new CD tommorrow! :happydance:

    And here is a pic of the billfold:

    And I haven't put any coins in the coin compartment yet.

    So this is going to be my new everyday wallet!
  2. Beautiful!!! :yahoo:
  3. I love pomme koala wallet, I'm still deciding what to get between pomme and mc koala wallet.
  4. Love it!
  5. LOVE it. i hate folding my money though.
  6. I can't believe you waited so long! It's gorgeous.
  7. Gorgeous!! Congrats and Enjoy
  8. That color is TDF!!!
  9. That color is just... amazing! Congrats! :smile:
  10. :tup:
  11. Gorgeous! I love the Koala wallet... I so want an LV wallet, but I'm having trouble with the price :crybaby:
  12. Congrats!! I love the koala style!!
  13. Lovely, enjoy it and use it in good health.
  14. love it, congrats!