It only took a month...

  1. But I have my BV!

    Man, what an ordeal to get my poor bag...we preordered it from pulse on February 13, and it took till the end of February for them to get it in...and then I had to wait for my friend to get up to Toronto.

    But my baby's finally in my hot little hands!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:

    And it's definitely not that big in my mind! Practically tiny compared to the ginormous Coach tote I have...oh yeah, and this picture doesn't do it any justice at all. My camera stinks.

    In other news, I'm getting my tattoo tonight. I couldn't wait!

  2. wow that is almost the exact same print placement as mine!
  3. Congrats Frogbubbles!!!!! :yahoo: It's adorable!!

    What are you getting a tattoo of?? lattes?? :graucho:
  4. No tokidoki tattoos...yet...

    I'll post it when I get back tonight. My appointment's at 5:30!
  5. Sweet! Good luck...I can't wait to see it! :graucho:
  6. Nice pirata BV! Enjoy! You are right it is a smaller tote. Not that big. I know I've got bigger totes than the BV.

    I don't know why it looks so huge in pics.

    You will have to show us a pic of your tattoo.
  7. I almost passed out for this little guy. Seriously. I found out that's because my vagus nerve hates me. But anyway, here's my new tattoo.
    forget me tat.JPG
  8. Ok.. I have two WOWs for you!! Awesome bag.. that is the same style and print I got from eBay.. I can't wait to get it!

    Secondly, I love your tattoo.. I can't believe you just got it, it looks healed already??!!
    Hey any chance we can get you to model the BV.. I am so anxious to get mine!!
  9. Ohhh man, it does look pretty good in the pic, but it's super painful and gross and swollen! I'm used to swollen from the week it took for my foot tattoo to go down, at least. :smile:

    And a modelling pic? No problemo! Anything for my adoring public. :graucho:
  10. kee-yute. :yes:
  11. Congratulations on the BV and tat! They're both too cute!:yes:
  12. Your tatoo is really cute. I have one on my back shoulder and the inside of my ankle. I don't think my boss would like it too much if I tatooed my wrist!
  13. I don't plan on working anywhere that doesn't like an innocent little tattoo like that! If I reeeeeeeally had to, I could cover it up.
  14. OMG.. thanks for posting that modeling pic! Too bad your head's not in it.. remember how we "dislike" cut off head shots!! LOL!
    That tote seems like the perfect size!! I can't wait!!
    Thanks Bubbles!