It once seemed so seems so right...

  1. Inspired by TT's post and a recent experience... Have you experienced any H-related "relevations"??? Something that once seemed so wrong (style, color, leather, HW, etc.) feels so right???
  2. Mostly in men, and in reverse.
  3. Absolutely..mostly due to change in lifestyle....I never liked Retourne Kellys...strictly a Sellier I'm not sure a Sellier would see the light of day....

    Hated Chartreuse and I love those colors.

    Never liked the it's an everyday bag for me...
  4. Well, I never thought I had a preference for sellier vs. retourne, and now I tend to think retournes look lumpy and wouldn't buy that style for me. Had to see it in person to figure that out.
  5. Yes! The Karo clutch for me. Hated it until I saw it in RS it!
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Oh I :heart: ya MillStream! I needed that laugh! ITA :graucho:

    Hmmm there's not a lot H I don't love...I guess the color etoupe. At first I thought it was ok but after trying it on in a Clemence Kelly I'm in looooovvvveee!
  7. Never thought I would carry less than a 35 cm LOVING the 28 cm Kelly... Still love my 35, but it feels GIGANTIC!!!!

    Never thought I would carry an H bag to work...but Kelly 35 checked out campus today...gasp!!!
  8. Oh...and on the "man front"...never was attracted to blondes...and married one...well, now dirty blonde w/ a little gray...and think he is HOT!
  9. Never thought I'd love sellier, only retourne I think I'd love one!

    But my big revelation (to me) is that I actually want a Birkin! I never thought I'd say it (I actually thought the non-shoulder strap was a deal breaker).......but I Can't WAIT!!

    Also wasn't to hot about the Lindy when it came out, but now, it feels like an excellent fun hip bag! So go figure.
  10. ITA!^^ The 28cm was such a pleasant surprise for me!
  11. Yes, and overwhelmingly embarrassing to admit as well.

    I once said box calf is not for me. Yucks. Now, I have 4 H bags in box.

    Once too, I told Amanda that croc is for more mature women, and then one was presented to me, and I bought one.

    But I assure you I am not a walking contradiction.
  12. Never really thought that I'd be a Kelly girl. I always liked them but never thought I would LOVE one as much as I do.:love:
  13. i never, EVER expected i would spend multi-thousands on a handbag.

    i've gotten over it.
  14. Didn't like the Lindy -- at all. I thought H had descended into "it" territory and despair set in.

    Until I tried it on.

    And I bought it.
  15. I'm with you on the first part...still working on the latter. :shrugs: