It never happened before!

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  1. I sold a bag to a buyer from Canada. It's the second time she's buying from me.
    She contacted me before the sale and asked if she will win, she will pay by m/o because her PayPal is frozen. OK, I have no problem with that. A week after her money order arrived and I sent it to my bank in TX(USAA). They deposited it, then withdraw the money and when I called them, they said the check was send to deposit collection because it's a foreign check and it will take two weeks to clear it. All right, two weeks passed, I contacted the bank again by e-mail and they replied that there was no m/o in the envelope, when I called they said that there is something wrong with the m/o(like it's fake or something and they can't clear it), and finally today I got a phone call from deposit collection dep-t and they told me that they've lost it! A bank lost my money order.
    They suggested me to contact the buyer and ask her to send me another one because she can cash the one she sent already and send me the new one. I lost my temper and literally started to yell at the person I spoke to. First of all, they lost this m/o, not me. Second of all-the buyer will tell me go to hell and she's be right! What should I do now??
    A bank rep said they have a copy of m/o and will try to work with it, idiots!
  2. Wow, I would be super pissed! Maybe you can tell the bank to call your customer...?
  3. Good idea!
  4. OMG, I also use USAA and had to deal with one of their screw-ups with my account. It was resolved...not exactly to my liking, although at some point I just wanted to move on.

    If they have a copy of the lost m/o, I'm thinking they ought to be able to resolve this.

    In the interim, ask them to credit you for the amount as they have no reason to freeze these funds otherwise, correct?

    Hell, perhaps they should eat the costs on this one and write it off as a loss on their end.

    If you don't mind me asking, was it a large amount?
  5. Wow!! Time to switch banks. Have you sent the bag yet? I think that you should at this point as the buyer has done her part. Good luck
  6. I would be most upset. I think they should send you some type of courtesy payment for all of the inconvenience and you can forward it on to your buyer.
  7. I already sent the bag. It was around $500.00.
    dsrk You're right, my thought exaclty. They've lost it after all.
  8. Wow! I would have never guessed that could have happened. You would think that they had some sort of check and balance procedure in place to prevent things like this from happening?! So sorry this has happened to you and I hope it all works and I agree, make the bank do the work - they're the ones that lost it!!!
  9. Holy... I somehow skimmed over the fact that you used USAA. They are where we keep the bulk of our assets and have been nothing but accommodating to us in all the years that we've been with them. I'm not familiar with money orders, but could you somehow have deposited it using their deposit at home feature? I *hate* having to mail deposits in.. DH and I tried to never do it, and when we dealt with large sums we always deposited it to a local bank we have an account with and wired it to our USAA account. I cannot believe that they're not doing more for you!
  10. I tried to deposit it at home with their Deposit@Home option. I usually do that with checks, but with this international m/o it didn't work.
    I have to say that I was always very happy with USAA, we have almost everything through them(insurance, IRA's, etc) and now that! Oh well! I really hope it will work out.
  11. My fingers are x for you, Lucy!! Hope everything works out well!!