It never ends!!!! I am now officially addicted

  1. All,

    As I've posted before, I've been dying to get the J12 in white and finally got it during the Saks EGC event last month. Well, guess what, now I am dying to get the black one. I am officially addicted:roflmfao: I'm planning on getting one for this months EGC. Can anybody post pictures of their black J12 wearing it. I haven't tried it on and don't know if it will look as good as my white J12. I don't think my addiction will end:graucho:
  2. are a watch addict. Enjoy.:tup:
  3. I love the J12, and plan to get a black one in the near future!
  4. Lol~I'm right here with you!!:drool: I would kill for a black J12 with diamond bezel, too bad I'm flat broke, so its not gonna happen anytime soon.....:crybaby:
  5. A lot of us have done the same thing. Purchased one color and then decided we HAD to have the other one too. Here's a pic of my mine.
    Black J12 tPF 001.jpg
  6. I'm still waiting for Xmas ... I've been a very good girl this year so Santa better bring me my watch!
  7. Mon, I LOVE your black J12! That's the exact one I've decided I want! And your new pearls as well. (Yeah, you have amazing taste!)
  8. [​IMG]

    Kill me now...
  9. yes, kill me now. I love your j12's and definitely will be getting the black. thanks for the picture. Now I just need to be extra nice to the hubby and when EGC time comes, he'll have no choice but to buy it for me:yahoo:[​IMG]

    Kill me now...[/quote]
  10. ^haha. Good luck with your hubby!
  11. OMG Mon!!!!!!! :nuts: :love:

    bhurry, both colours are TDF!!!
  12. can someone tell me wat Saks egc is?
  13. Wow! Amazing duo!
  14. mon, your J12's are so beautiful!
  15. :drool: LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart: I wish I would have tried on the black one when I got my white one, but it is probably best I didn't. I think you were the trouble maker on the board who started it all. :devil: