It may be too late, but please enable me!!

  1. This Sunday afternoon, I saw a small makeup pouch in ottone at Barneys. I think it's the same one as vanilla_addict posted here. I loved hers so much and have been looking for something small in ottone since. I've seen a larger makeup clutch, a small wallet, and a mobile case at other boutiques but didn't love them.

    So I was quite excited to see the small pouch, but didn't get it because 1)I was tired, 2)it was a lot pinker than I expected, 3)the SA was rather unfriendly, 4)I have been spending a lot lately to my norm, and 5)my birthday is still a month and a half away.

    But, now I'm thinking about it all the time (I'm supposed to be working right now really)!!! It may not be there any more, but should I call them and ask? After all my birthday is coming next month? Also to the ottone owners, do you see a lot of pink in yours?

  2. Mid - Well, you had five reasons not to get it. I see three of them that are stretching, lol! :graucho: So, if it is not too pink for you and you can afford it, I say GET IT. If you are like me, you will go back and visit it a few times, then it will be gone!
  3. I agree... Get it before it's gone!
  4. I'm not an ottone owner (yet!!!) but I have seen pics of ottone items with green undertones and also one with purple undertones, I'll try and find some pics if I can, could the make up clutch you saw possibly be one of these??
  5. jburgh, you are so right about my reasoning, and momoboy, I know it will be gone soon!!


    Syma, I went through the BV Collections thread for pics and now I'm not even sure if that pouch was really ottone.:confused1:

    First I thought it's the same one as boxermom's,

    which is as same as vanilla_addict's I believe,

    but then I saw uclaboi's Metallic green wallet which totally looks like the colour of the pouch.

    So, please all ottone owners and experts, what undertone colours do ottone pieces have? Green? Purple? like Syma pointed out? No pink? TIA!!
  6. I believe they will become more rare, if it's true that the small items will no longer be made in Ottone. Maybe that affects your decision.

    If you're continuing to think about it, get it if you can afford it (like I pay attention to that!).
  7. I believe there is the true ottone which has cream/yellow base with gold covering it. Then there are the ones that have green or pink/purple with gold on top, like uclaboi. I have a continental wallet in the pink/gold combination (see picture attached). The flap clutch that I saw recently in Vegas is the true ottone with no green or pink undertone. Confusing, huh?

    I personally like the pink/gold combination, and if this helps you at all, the small flap makeup clutch in pink/gold ottone sold out quickly last spring, so you are lucky to have found one still for sale! I say go for it, and if you don't, let me have a crack at it!
  8. if you will be thinking about it all the time, why not get it as a very early birthday present (you can always 'behave' after this tiny purchase :greengrin:smile:? maybe it will be less pink if the lighting changes. still, it's a very pretty color. i also have my heart set on an ottone clutch (the bigger one) but it just is not available in a place where I can travel to now.
  9. The "metallic" colours from Resort 2006 came in 2 versions, gold with gold base and gold with pinkish purple base. Then subsequently, there was also the gold with green base. I believe the true Ottone colour is the gold with gold base. And it was also the colour that came in the bags (Sloane and Cabat, aside from smaller accessories). The gold/pinkpurple and gold/green only came in accessories. But I think most also refer the gold/pinkpurple as Ottone.

    I personally prefer the gold/gold although the gold/pinkpurple is also very pretty, a matter of personal preference. I say go for it. Just be really good after that. Really.
  10. One more thing, most often than not photography lighting in the pictures is quite deceiving and thus add to more confusion, esp with the metallics since they reflect more light.
  11. I always say, if a possible purchase stays on my mind for days, it's meant to be. Go for it!
  12. ^^Ms Piggy, thanks for clearing that up, I tried to find Ouija Boards pic of the ottone with the pink base but the search facility had been disabled. I think all the ottone colours are really pretty so if you find one on sale GO FOR IT!
  13. boxermom, ouija board(your wallet is so pretty!!), sum, ms piggy, mundodabolsa, and once again Syma, jburgh, and momoby, thank you sooooo much for your super kind advice and expertise!!!!!! I didn't even know there are different ottones. No wonder the colour looked so different from the long clutch that I saw in SF and NYC.

    I just called Barneys and a very nice SA said that she can hold it for me until I go there this Saturday!! She said that the colour is gold metalic with purple undertone. It's $560 so must be on sale, no?! and it's totally within my budget!!:p In any case, I will check it in detalis and see if I really love it.

    Thank you again and stay tuned!
  14. ^Many congrats Mid, I can't wait to see your pics, :yahoo:sounds like a real bargain!
  15. Mid - Glad you came to your senses, LOL! I am really eager to see pictures!