it may be little but heck! it's my first BV!

  1. So yesterday, through all you Singaporean BV enablers, I found out that BV is on 30% for the A/W07 colours! & then I thought to myself... "it's time...."

    I went in earlier today & needless to say, came out with what I'd had my eye on, albeit in a different colour! I think sometime in March I'm going to go back into the shop & come out with the longer, absolutely yummilicious, blood red version & a hole in my pocket! :love:

    So till March.. I'll just be content with my little purchase! Hope you girls like it as much as I do! :shame:
    P1020768.jpg P1020765.jpg P1020758.jpg P1020763.jpg P1020764.jpg
  2. It's great! The perfect colour to liven up winter (at least where I am!) Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  3. Congrats!!! Gorgeous shade of blue! :tup:
  4. i :heart: it. wish many more BV to come in the future!
  5. beautiful colour!! itll brighten up our monsoon season for sure =D
  6. Many Congrats, love that blue!
  7. haha! i hope that along with the many more BV i'll see a more than proportionate increase in income too!! ahahah :okay:
  8. i hope it won't get wet with all our rain now!! the SA specifically told me not to get it wet! :sweatdrop:

  9. to mistikat, mspiggy & Syma: thanks you guys! :p
  10. :flowers: welcome and congrats on your new BV...
    I like that shade of blue, do you know what other pieces they have in that shade? :love:
  11. I don't remember seeing that color. It's adorable!
  12. thanks!

    between the paragon & takashimaya outlet they have the bracelet, the full lanyard, lanyard keychain & the smaller cell phone strap in this colour!

  13. Congrats on a beautiful piece. :heart: Enjoy her in good health! :yahoo:
  14. I like the blue! Enjoy! What's the name of this blue?
  15. lovely pure blue!! reminds me of the sky and the ocean of those summer islands... congratulations and enjoy!!!