It made my day...

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  1. Today I got the chance to take out my new azur speedy..After I parked my car and walked into the mall the first person I saw was carrying the same azur speedy!! what are the chances?? I didn't mind it but the thing that bugged me was that we was totally looking me down! and gave me and my bag the worst look! grr..

    But what made my day was that I stopped by the LV store and as I was leaving the security guard standing by the door pointed at my bag and said "OHH beautiful!!" :rolleyes:
  2. Oooh, hurray for the compliment! That girl was prolly pissed cause you had the same bag as her - but hey they didn't make just one!
  3. ^Ugh sorry that *#*& gave you attitude!! How rude!!

    Azur Speedys are GORGEOUS!! LOL although I am alittle biased as I have one:smile:

    Enjoy your new bag and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it...that girl was probably just jealous bc your Azur looked cuter on you!! :smile:
  4. thanks guys! :yes:
  5. Yeah... She was jealous otherwise the attitude was not necessary.

    Enjoy your Azur Speedy!:love:
  6. yay for the compliment!
  7. She probably hated the idea that you had the same bag as her. Enjoy the bag, it is just gorgeous :love:
  8. so, you are one of two locally, huh? at least you art the better dispositioned.
  9. Ah... a positive comment... they are out there!!:yes: