It looks like what happened in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas!

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  1. Hello, fellow tPFers!

    I was away for several days off from here, enjoying a very long weekend in one of my fave cities, Las Vegas. My sis and I do annual trip to Vegas in summer but with our recent schedules, we decided to make it a bit earlier.

    The trip itself, while we were in Vegas, was great. We enjoyed fantastic meals and hours of gambling. And of course, we did our usual shopping run. We stayed at Bellagio and Wynn, just because they both have Chanels. Lol~ I'm kidding. I got good room rate invites from them. But the fact only two Chanel boutiques in Vegas were right inside our hotels didn't hurt when deciding where to stay.

    Both hotels were really nice, as most of you probably know already, but we definitely had more fun staying at Wynn. We got an unexpected upgrade to a HUGE suite, with lots of things more than two girls used to cramped spaces of NY.


    ^This is the view of the living room from the foyer


    ^ And this is the view from 30th floor.

    I hope posting pics like these here is alright? Ummm... At least one of my babies modeled for one of the pics.:whistle:

    One of the reasons we liked Wynn much more than Bellagio also had to do with previously mentioned Chanels. While Bellagio one was nice, either we were there at the wrong time of the day or something, because we didn't get such great services. Compared to Bellagio, two SAs who helped us at Wynn were really sweet. (Or should I say, very determined to sell, as they were so willing to show us so many things?)

    I also got to check out new wallet on the chains with camellia closure at Wynn. I remember seeing it from a lookbook under Tsubaki (Japanese for Camellia, 植) and was delighted to see them in real life. A SA once told me they would be out around May, so you can imagine how surprised I was.

    They were much cuter than I expected! The quilting on those are much smaller than reissue WoCs, and the cutesy camellia on the front made me :drool:. Yet, the price tag was a shocking number above $1500, so I had to walk out empty handed, reconsidering my decision about a similar style Fendi bag. Lol~ But for those who were waiting for them, they are soooo adorable. And for those who are thinking of getting a card case, they also had the cutest one I ever saw! It was an upgraded version to the camellia embossed ones from past seasons, as this had the same camellia embellishment of the new WoCs, instead of CCs.

    While I know it got nay votes from many tPFers, my sis has been waiting for her SA to call her about Bow Bag. Usually, I'm the girly one who goes gaga for huge bow anything but she fell in love with one at a trunk show two months ago. And she's been waiting and waiting... So hearing how Wynn Chanel already got them was a shock, when her NYC SA had no idea when they are filtering in. They apparently already sold one and another was left on a reserve. But the hold time limit is only 24 hours so my sis left her infos with them, with her fingers crossed that other customer would not call.

    Getting back home was such a nightmare, as our plane was delayed few hours and we had to change our flights several times to ensure getting back on time for work. We eventually ended up spending a night at an airport hotel in Chicago.:sad: But my sis was still in good spirit with thoughts of bow bag in her head and could not talk about anything else! In fact, she even said, "I can not go down with this plane before my bow bag gets home!" when our plane to Chicago was circling around for an hour before landing due to thick fog.

    I was a bit worried she was getting her hopes too high but I guess all her positive thinking paid off. Her credit card had a new charge of price tag matching the bow bag so she's super exicited. She says she doesn't care much about all the trouble we had coming home now because she'll be able to hug her beloved bow bag within few days.:sweatdrop: Sigh... I think I created a monster of shopaholic or Chanelholic, after taking her shopping one too many times.

    Anyways, I would take some pics of the bow bag when she gets it and post them here next week. While I know it's not highly popular bag, I know many inquiring minds at tPF want to see how it is. I'll probably do compare pics as well, as I remember few who were not sure about the sizes. I'll just post a pic from web now, for those who are not familar with it at all.


    Lastly, I'd also like to recommend Stephanie Wong @ Wynn, who helped my sis with her bag. It was my first time seeing her there but she was super nice!:tup:
  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Las Vegas is one of my favorite shopping places. I'll be going this summer and I can't wait.
  3. That's a cute bag.. congratulations! I LOOOVE the Bellagio's buffet btw, lol!
  4. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. My girlfriends and I (3 of us) meet every year in Las Vegas for a 'vacation from kids and hubbies' weekend out, enjoying the slots, table games, shopping and dining. Love the buffet. We stay at different casinos every year. This year is Bellago, last year Venetian. Love it!
  5. I love the shopping in Vegas, and your suite looks excellent! I want to stay there next time!
  6. Sounds fabulous! Your suite looks great although I have a real of fear of heights so would have to have a lower level room! I hope to be lucky enough to go to Las Vegas one day.
  7. Wow... Great pictures! Hope you had a wonderful trip, and very happy for your sis and her new bow bag!!
  8. Your trip sounds wonderful -- and the suite looks amazing.
  9. Wow, what a suite! Your trip sounds great, sorry the ride home was such a hassle!

    I was in Vegas in Feb, and also felt that the SA's at the Wynn Chanel were much more eager to help and show merchandise.
  10. i have been madly in love with the bow bag from the first time i saw it at NM trunk show last Dec. am so glad your sis got it...and happy you arrived home safely!
  11. Great suite! Thanks for the report, the card case sounds right up my alley! I can't wait to get back to Vegas:graucho:
  12. NanamiRyu - You lucky girl!! How did you manage to get the "unexpected" upgrade to a suite???
  13. i agree.. the Chanel SA's at Wynn are really nice :smile:
  14. your sis got one pretty bag! love the view from your suite!
  15. Love the SA's at the Wynn too. They really go above and beyond. Glad to hear you had such a great time on your trip!