It just wears me out!

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  1. I have sold a few things that I don't use anymore on ebay. I have around a 100.00 and still have a few more bags to sell. Anyway I am already stalking to see what bag I want next! I thought I was done when I bought the kristin hobo...NOPE! I haven't even changed into it yet and I am already on to the next bag. It literally wears me out! Sometimes it is just the thrill of the chase for me!

    I am thinking that the MIA Maggie maybe my HG, is that possible if you do not own the bag yet???

    I so neeeeeddddd that bag!
  2. I love this! You sound so much like me. I sold a few coach bags and wallets that I dont use and didnt mind giving up to purchase my mia maggie. However, I cant seem to stop there! I hadnt bought anything coach in 5 months, now within one month I am working on 2 purchases and counting! I say if you love it, and you are going to use it and you have the money that you are willing to spend for it, then buy it! :biggrin:
  3. I'm the third pea in this pod. The hunt is never over for me! On the way home from buying a bag I'm already thinking about my next one. Is there any therapy for us??
  4. There is a thread in the shopping forum I created for us addicts. Coachoholics Anonymous.
    I have relapsed, as you may realize after you read that thread.
    Is there enough room for another pea in this pod? LOL!
  5. Add a 5th pea to your overcrowded pod!
    I'm never ever satisfied and I'm always stressing over how I will afford my next "have-to-have-or-I-will-surely-die" bag. I need a money tree.
  6. Welp, I'm the 6th Pea! For awhile I was constantly getting packages in the mail--ran my savings down heavily! Then I sold my Kristin and instantly bought something Coach with my Paypal earnings and paid off another bag! I feel like the cycle never ends! Then I was freaking out b/c I didn't know how to afford a bag this PCE and some how it all came together! I really need to stop so I can go to school!
  7. I hate to be the one to break it to all you little pea's in the pod but it never may change or move on but it NEVER STOPS!!!

    I've been stalking/collecting for close to 5 years now and although I've bought a few other brands COACH is still my lifeblood!

    I can tell you from experience that you MAY get to the point where you don't stalk quite as hard. It'll most likely be due to the fact that you HAVE to kinda give up for awhile or you'll go insane!!!

    I currently own between 25-30 bags, with 90% of them being Coach. Guess how many bags I've HAD go thru my collection??? I'd place the number at maybe close to 75!!!
    Just think about the gal's that have been doing this for 10, 15 and 20 years!!!!
    I'm a drop in the bucket compared to them!!!

    Best of luck as you go thru your Coach-life-cycle!!!
  8. Thanks ladies! I use the TPF as my therapy! LOL! I think if you love something so much and enjoy it then you are never fully satisfied...Also I think about other people who collect coins or stamps or antiques it really isn't any different I suppose. The only difference is I can't carry an antique with me!

    My name is Micke and I am a COACH addict! Admitting is always the first step!:lolots:
  9. What about the straps? Do they stay on better then the other maggie?

  10. I picked up the Mia Maggie last night in Patent Graphite :yahoo:. I used to have an XL leather Madison Maggie and could NOT keep the straps up. The Mia Maggie is soooooo much better. The straps stay up great. Coach did a great job on this one and I love the noise the hardware on the straps make!
  11. This is what hubby says when he always back me UP in my bag collection!!! He actually get's pretty heated when MEN say something about my bags!! He'll ask them "what you don't have a motorcycle? Toys? PS3 that takes $50-$60 games? Do you golf? Are your clubs nice?" lol :graucho:

  12. "Hi..... My name is Proffashionista, and I am a Coachaholic. It's been one day since I bought a purse...."

    Totally catch what you are saying, OP! I wish I could go on a ban and maybe one day, maybe, earn that 6-month pin...but it ain't looking too good for that during this PCE, at least!!!!:graucho:
  13. Another addict here. I just bought a Mia, Audrey, Brynn and a Studded Kristin Satchel in August with the last PCE. New one came in the mail this week. My husband texted me today "we going to Coach tonight when I get home?" Sigh, yes, yes we are.

    I can't help myself. I get that little card and the 25% off just speaks to me. Sad thing is, I don't sell any bags. I am selfish I guess. I am afraid if I sell one I might want to use it again and I won't have it. So I just pile them up in my closet and they look pretty there.
  14. This is too funny. I haven't been collecting.....uh, I mean purchasing Coach long, less than a year and I'm up to 12 bags (will be 13 when I pic up one from Macy's tomorrow). My BF thinks I'm nuts. I'm jealous of you gals whose significant other supports you in your addiction.