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  1. I went to Hermes with a friend today to see the Graphite Massai they had brought in for me. I totally fell in love with the color, as you know, after seeing it in a Bolide. I searched high and low for it and waited patiently for it to arrive. My SA brought it out and I tried it on and... it just wasn't me. I love the color but in a Massai it just didn't work. My friend and SA both agreed. It was just.... nothing. I was so sad because I really had my heart set on it.
  2. I did ask my SA if they had it in other colors. They had a vert anis in i think clemence and an orange swift. both lovely. but again, not me. they had a GM in blue jean that was also gorgeous. but too big.
  3. Oh boo - I hate it when that happens H - but hey... better than buying it and THEN finding out. What about raisin? I still think it would be lovely.
  4. they did have one more though... not sure if it was a color i was interested in though. did it go with my wardrobe? was it me?
  5. hmmm.....
  6. i debated long and hard. this is truly my first H bag and I wanted to make sure it would be something I would love forever. something I would wear forever. something classic.
  7. my friend swore before we went that she would not let me get a bag. she said i didn't need it. she knows me and i trust her judgement. i tried on the bag and she practically screamed GET IT!
  8. Dear Ms. H:

    NO, don't rush it!!! I do impulse buys a lot and just sit hidding in my closet and when I do actual calculation, I could have gotten something nice if I hold-off...

    Maybe the style is NOT for you?!
  9. What about the indigo you tried on at KOP?
  10. I thought about the indigo. i did. i love it. but i ordered the indigo kelly and i thought i needed something different....
  11. So, What Did You Get????
  12. so....
  13. rose, you're going to be so proud of me!
  14. Oh you tease!! What did you get??? :nuts:
  15. Okay, H...SPILL IT!
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