It just dawned on me!

What should I buy?

  • Cassis Epi Speedy (I like it and it's practical)

  • Pochette Nightbird (I LOVE it, but it's not practical)

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Feb 13, 2010
I've just come to a realisation. I buy bags that are too practical. I only have a few LV's, but they're very 'safe' bags. I put them through the 'will I ever get sick of this/will it date/can I wear this with almost anything' test before buying. The bags I REALLY love though, and lament having missed out on are the fun bags like for example the Firebirds, the exotic cerises bags, roses alma in rose pop...they're not just great bags - they are FABULOUS and FUN bags. (They are also the more expensive bags, which is a bit of a drawback as I do not by any means have unlimited funds!)

So here is my question...I had planned to by a Cassis Epi Speedy for my next bag, which I really like and would use a lot, but should I just say 'to hell with practicality' and buy the Pochette Nightbird (if I can even get one) which I LOVE, but will cost more and will not get used as much?
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Nordy's girl

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Sep 23, 2008
Because it would be a new thing for you, to get a bag you just love even though it may be impractical, I'd go for the Nightbird! I just saw a reveal of this bag yesterday?? and I liked it much more than I thought I's super cute! I'd go for it and see if you can find the pochette nightbird! Good Luck with your decision!


Jun 8, 2006
Buy something you LOVE! *hint... Nightbird*


Feb 4, 2010
I voted for the epi speedy too... my tendency is towards getting bags I'd be sure to use often these days coz I'm now selling 4-5 bags which have been sitting inside my closet for the last 3 years... so i've been reminding myself to not add to this group of bags!


Jan 30, 2006
I would go for the speedy as you will use it.. I have a few impractical bags and from my experience I never use them..I do like the nightbird though:P


Jan 7, 2009
hummmm....i say nightbirdy!....but totally biased....this is how i reasoned it out...I have two work bags- trouville (abused but great) and a ebene speedy 25...sure I could use a nicer workbag or two but at the places I work nobody really cares what I look like...Im in an office with not much public contact...then theres play times where Im out and about enjoying my day (i work as little as possible and play as much as I can afford) and this is truly where I love using LV and the fun LV stuff...and decided that I do have enough daily routine bags and will go for the smaller fun pieces that I adore...


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Mar 7, 2006
I say, get the bag that makes you excited, just to think of it! I'm like you; because I work hard for every cent that I make, my LV choices have to be smart ones. I always mull over the style, whether it's classic, is it practical, can I wear it for years, etc. Especially when my bags got into the $1700 -$2000 range. My vernis Alma was a departure for me, but the risk paid off, because I love it! I think that you should get the nightbird!


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Jan 18, 2010
This could be me writing this post!!! I'm just like you: safe, practical, timeless beauties. I plan and analyze my LV purchases like it's the last thing I'll ever buy and it has to laugh forever.

But do you want to know a secret? I desperately wish I'd gotten an aquarelle speedy 30 in white...a mirroir speedy in black...a tahitienne in beige...a cherry blossom papillon...half a dozen delicate, beautiful scarves...the rose pop trunks & bags key ring. I could go on.

There are items I long for, but didn't buy when they were available.

Now I've made the decision to be an LV collector/shopper for life. This means I'm committed! So the next time my heart goes wild for an impractical or less practical bag I'll probaby buy it!

I just bought a bag that was both off the charts pretty AND sensible, so it is possible!!! Buy what you absolutely love!!! Follow your heart!