It Just Dawned On Me ...

  1. For the longest time I was wondering why our Hermes mods' names are all in orange. It just occurred to me that their names are orange because orange is the Hermes color.

    Argh, I'm so slow ...
  2. I hadn't noticed if not for your mentioning, Kou.

    So, I am worse than you.
  3. It does work out rather conveniently for us, but, no, all of the sub-forum mods have orange names. G-mods have pink. :smile:
  4. Kou, you are so cute!

    A little bit off topic but, Kou I do want to thank you for keeping especially this Hermes forum always interesting and alive with new threads! :flowers:
  5. ^yes, I am particulary enjoying the dream series!!
  6. Kristie, I would like to extend the same thanks to you!

    Love your new name and avatar!
  7. You're very welcome. I figure if my cluelessness can make people laugh, then all is good:yes:
  8. The Hermes dream series had gone on a hiatus for now as I'm now starting to have nightmares about snakes :Push: . I'm blaming it on "Snakes on a Plane".
  9. LOL I feel like I need to go see that movie now...

    I just bought "Failure to Launch" on DVD for like $1...

    :smile: and I never noticed the orange names. Kou, you always make it interesting!!

  10. I'm enjoying "Crocs on a handbag" more, myself.:lol:
  11. ^ Lolol!!!
  12. What I appreciate is your willingess to be very honest and ask questions which others may be afraid to ask! :flowers:
  13. Kou - you are so funny! I never thought about the 'orange' thing either! I too have been dreaming in Kelly's - nothing specific, but whatever is going on in my dreams, these bags have started making cameo appearances!
  14. Thanks for the compliment, I'm actually quite boring in real life.

    Oooh, you have Hermes dreams too? We should have a thread specifically for Hermes dreams!!!!
  15. :lol: :lol: I'd love crocs on a handbag too. Hey, they should name the sequel that.