It is weird to feel this way ..

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  1. I have been clearing up my closet lately I realized that there are a couple accessories and bags that I never use . Therefore, I listed it for sale...

    2 of my items are being asked for and I just sent the payment requset.. however I feel so weird parting with the items... !! Am I the only one who feel this way.. em... I know that I shouldnt keep it since I never use it .

    Does any of u feel the same when u are selling an item ??
  2. You are not alone, I am clearing out mine too :p
  3. I am doing the same and feeling the same. I am not selling the ones I'm in LVOE with.
  4. So far I have not been able to part with any of my LV's
  5. I thought about selling some once or twice ... then, nah! I love all my bags and couldn't bear to part with any of them. Besides, they are mostly gifts from hubby and that means a lot to me. I am also saving them for my 13 year old daughter.
  6. I have sold off Miu Miu, YSL and stuff from other brands but I have never felt able to part with my LV items even if I dun use them much.

    I guess its true love for LV and me. :sweatdrop:
  7. I have been cleaning out as well and you are not alone at all, each piece each seems has a little history with me and I always hesitate selling them before I do. In fact there have been a couple items that I went to sell, pulled, and then decided and promised myself, if I have not used it in the last couple years, someone else should be enjoying it. I have found that making someone else happy with the item has helped a little bit because now I know it is being used and enjoyed instead of sitting in my closet. Crazy, I know, like these items have feelings of something, but to me, each was my baby at one time and its always a little sad to part with an item that was special. You will find now you can purchase something new that you will love and use and it will be worth it in the end! good luck!
  8. I'm pretty cutthroat with my collection- if I'm no longer using it I sell it. To me it doesn't make sense to have unused assets sitting around when you could liquidate them and put the funds toward a bag you'll actually use.

    That said I've never parted with an LV ;)
  9. i've not had this problem yet as i onyl got a SMALL collection...:sweatdrop:
  10. Most definitely I feel the same way! Especially when I recently sold my Coussin GM...a small & practical bag that I never seemed to use. But it gives you extra cash towards a new bag you'll love!!
  11. Just think of selling the things you don't use, as a way for you to make room for your newer, future purchases !!
  12. My LV's go in and out like a hotel.

    If I'm not using something or fall out of love with's too much money to just let sit there. I will sell it for my "new love", LOL!
  13. I've felt this way when I had to part with some of my items... but then thought about what will replace the items and that took my mind off of that! :p
  14. Absolutely not! I feel your pain! I'm selling a LV Trouville (on eBay)which was my very first LV and its breaking my heart to part with it!
  15. Nah...I get rid of stuff all the time. I think it's a waste to keep things that you are not using...and you can always purchase something new that you really LVoe...