It is weird...Does Plomb has another name?

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  1. Just called the SA in BalNY asking about the plomb part time. She sounds like don't know the color, and said they did not have that color, it might be from past seasons. But in our color reference subforum, 07 pre fall colors DO include the Plomb. Does it have another name:confused1:

    Also, question: from the pics below(from color reference by season), the Plomb seems quite different. Which is more accurate?

    2007 Plomb City
    2007 Plomb Day with Giant Silver Hardware



    And I notice the last pic was named steel city

    Now I am wondering whether the color I posted before is actually steel.....Anyone?
  2. plomb = steel
    they are the same color :tup:
  3. the top color is more accurate although in real life, plomb/steel is a little lighter than that but imo not as light as the second picture
  4. I agree, the top photo is probably the closet, but it is lighter. I would describe it as a dark grey blue, rather than a faded black. It is beautiful and very neutral :heart:
  5. I am pretty new to Balenciaga but I have noticed that some colors have 2 names. Maybe they transalet to something different in the States?

    When I tried to put myself on the waiting list for Violet they were like: "uh? its called Grape" and I know Marigold is also Jaune..
  6. It's trés confusing, n'est-ce pas? In French, plombe means ( I believe ) "lead" not "steel." Lead is an interesting shade of deep gray with slightly bluish undertones. I guess the connotations didn't suit them, so they decided to translate it differently.

    (Correct my French, Please! It's been a long time since I've used it!)
  7. OOOH!!! Judging from that top photo, I like the Plomb with SGH a lot!!! Yay finally a photo of that combo that gets me excited!!!:yes:

    Oh and I heard Plomb was the French name for it. Could be wrong though.
  8. You are right, melisande, 'plomb' means 'lead', but I guess it's usually referred to as 'steel' since it sounds nicer. It's a lovely colour, though.