It is very hard to walk away

  1. Hi ladies,

    Today I walked into the Hermes store on Madison Ave today and took a quick glance. I suddenly looked at one shelf - there you go! It is a black cherve leather 32cm HAC in palladium hardware hidding at the back of any other bag!! My heart was pounding when I saw it. Someone was actually checking it out when I called my salesperson. Thank godness that person held it a bit and later, the bag was put back to the shelf. My salesperson saw me and opened the shelf and let me take a look at the bag. I was immediately eyed by a lot of people around me - the bag was gorgeous especially with the chevre leather!

    My dilemma is back then in March, I've already got a 32cm HAC in Cocoan (Dark brown) also in Chevre with gold hardware. (the only difference is the color and hardware)

    It was so hard at that moment to walk out from the black/chervre/palladium HAC!! The only problem is it is not birkin - 30cm or 35cm. I tried it on and on for 10 minutes and it just looked so nice. I hope I didn't make a mistake walked out as I know it is SO hard to find it!! Am I making a right choice to walk away? I know it is kind of late to say this. But if you were me, what would you do?
  2. It didn't sing to you, otherwise you would have taken it. So you made the right choice.
  3. Honestly, if you really love your Cocoan HAC, then I would pass. But if you aren't 100% sure about your brown HAC, then I would have snapped up the black. It really depends on whether you favor black or browns more in your style. I always go for black over brown, but your Cocoan is stunning and very rare.

    It is very hard to walk away from most bags in Hermes - we feel your pain!
  4. People don't seem to mind having several Birkins, so I don't see why you can't have two HAC's. If the bag is becoming, and you love the color and leather, why not?
  5. I agree, if you don't think..."I don't know how I will finance this, but I must have it." You made the right decision.
  6. OMG that was me and my friend you were talking to!!!! she wanted it SO BADLY and called her DH and he couldn't decide right away and someone else was watching us with it too. we said she wasn't going to get it and the other person bought it in 2 min.
  7. TPF Universes Converging!!! I've been waiting for this moment
  8. so hilarious! well you and i have run in to each other there!
  9. Awww, neat story, birkinluver & it! And love the thought of that gorgeous HAC.

    I understand about it *not being a Birkin...30 or 35, etc.* But, the HAC has a much longer history than the Birkin.
  10. Yes with these prices, you must be 100% sure of the purchase.
  11. I know it is hard to walk away...But another one will come:yes:
  12. wow, what a small world! we bumped into each other at the store without knowing, that's neat! Finally I get to meet someone in the forum, personally!

    hlfinn - it was nice meeting you and your friend at the store! Your friend seemed to like the bag a lot. Someone bought it after your friend decided not to take it, that was fast and unblieveable. I am sure we will meet again at the store!
  13. birkinluver or hlfinn, what was the price of the 32cm Chevre HAC?
  14. ITA :yes: You'll come across something that you absolutely cannot pass up and that you'll love.
  15. 7800.