It is Valentines Day afterall...

  1. I dropped by my local Hermes to ask a couple questions regarding ordering a croc Birkin (I'm pretty certain I will go with a 30cm matte Havanne with PH). However, instead of asking my questions, I walked out with this...
    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg
  2. It's a 35cm Rouge H Fjord Birkin with GH. Red for V-Day...
    Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg
  3. It's a happy, happy day for you! Enjoy. Can't wait to see modeling pictures.
  4. And it's rouge....I adore this color.
  5. Wow! Gorgeous! I love the rouge H with gold hardware.
  6. Oh my goodness! And this bag makes three! Someone is going to have a very, very happy Valentine's Day! :nuts::tup:
  7. WOW!!!!


    (You, AND the bag!!!)
  8. Rouge H + gold HW = Happy Valentine's!
  9. Skim,

    This bag is delish. There is no finer colour than Rouge H... I think you are going to have a great Valentine's day... I can hardly wait to hear about it after she opens all your gifts...

  10. Beautiful bag, I love the classic rouge H. color! It says Hermes to me. I have an order in for fjord and am so antsy waiting (06 order so I'm not being pushy) !! Congratulations!!!
  11. on snap that is fantastic! congrats.
  12. Gorgeous, perfect for Valentines Day.
  13. Its absolutely STUNNING!!! I love Rouge H!!
  14. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU!!!!!!! wow!!!! she is gorgy and you know i am soooooo drooling over that GOLD HARDWARE!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!
  15. What a dreamy Birkin! What a dreamy Valentine! :heart: