it is so unfair

  1. i was just checking a damier azur speedy in france is 538- before VAT! omg! that is such a huge difference! a saleya pm is like 700 something after VAT.

    if anyone in the NYC area is going to paris- let me know. LOL
  2. I hoping my dh will bring something back not from Paris from Amsterdam in February.
  3. omg. if you go to lv .com, and then put all of their bags through currency translators, (such as the vavin gm) you save 400 dollars!
    515 in euro is now worth 667 in usd!!!!!!!!!
    compared to the regular 1050 of the vavin!
    is there any possible way of ordering from the lv uk site?
  4. i don't think so. i wish.
  5. lol, I just ordered an iPod Nano for 249 € (~$325) - on it only costs $229.99 ... that equalizes it ;)
  6. Do they have charge send?
  7. No.
    They won't even ship to Germany :sad:
  8. It is the import tax and transportation LV has to pay, to is the cause for most of increase.
  9. Isn't UK siteis in Pounds and not Euros? If so then it's more expensive then it appears...Someone correct me if I am wrong please
  10. Email Suzan Becker, she has a business buying LV in Paris. I have bought several things from her, shes a mypoupette verified reseller and she is extremely nice. Email her for details. Tell her you are from the purse fourm and that PurseFanatic sent you.

    The Paris site is in Euros.
  11. Would LV allow a family member to charge it and have it sent to their residence?
  12. It's pounds, so the price isn't cheaper at all. But what's the difference between Pounds & Euros?
  13. Does she charge a PS commission and did she ship your items to you?
  14. :yes: The Vavin GM costs 515 POUNDS, not €. For € check the french site.
  15. I say we go on a PF trip to Paris, whose with me!!